Recensione Philips 27E1N5600HE: buono per lavorare e giocare

Philips 27E1N5600HE review: Good for work and play

In this review we will discover the Philips 27E1N5600HE monitor, designed mainly for work but which also gets along with gaming

Every day we spend hours and hours in front of our PC or any smart device, risking compromising our vision. Whether it’s for work and/or for play, our eyes are constantly under strain and Dutch society knows this very well. Since their inception, monitors have evolved in an incredible way, following the pace of TVs and, in some cases, even surpassing them.

Just riding this wave, Philips always tries to provide the best products to its users, to give them the best possible experience in every area. But how will this monitor that the company has provided us for the test fare? We just have to start this review and find out about the Philips 27E1N5600HEthe monitor designed primarily for remote work.

Data sheet

  • Panel type: LCD IPS
  • Backlight: Sistema W-LED
  • Dimensions: 27″/68,6 cm
  • Display coating: Anti-Reflection, 3H, Opacity 25%
  • Maximum resolution: 2560 x 1440 a 75 Hz
  • Format: 16:9
  • Pixel density: 108,79 PPI
  • Response time (GtG): 4 ms
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m²
  • Contrast factor: 1000:1
  • Visual angle: 178º (O) / 178º (V)
  • Scanning frequency: 30-114 kHz (O)/48-75 Hz (V)
  • Supported technologies: Flicker-free, LowBlue Mode, EasyRead, Adaptive Sync, sRGB
  • Signal input: HDMI 1.4 x 1, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
  • HDCP: HDCP 1.4 (HDMI/DisplayPort/USB-C)
  • Connectivity: USB 3.2 x 4
  • Built-in speakers: 2 x 5 W
  • Integrated webcam: Webcam Hello da 5 MP
  • Height adjustment: 130  mm
  • Rotation: -/+ 90 degrees
  • Inclination: -5/20 degrees
  • Dimensions (maximum with stand): 614 x 524 x 212 mm
  • Weight (with pedestal): 6.57 Kg

Philips 27E1N5600HE review: Good for work and play

Design and Packaging | Philips 27E1N5600HE review

The monitor will arrive in a package with a size large enough for contain it safely with special compartments made of cardboard to avoid involuntary bumps. Along the box we will find a partial representation of the monitor and lots of useful information relating to some specifications and the energy class. In this case it is a product belonging to the G band.

Once the package is opened, we will find ourselves in front of the pedestal removed with the appropriate hexagonal base and the actual body of the same, with the special hook on which to fix the monitor. Next we will also see the user manual and related cables: the power one, the HDMI one and the USB-C to USB-A/C one. Once the cardboard containing all these objects has been lifted, we will finally find ourselves in front of the panel.

The front of the latter is quite common to that of other monitors. Indeed it shows up completely borderless on three sides, except for the lower side where we find a frame with the Philips logo in the center. In the back we find instead a comfortable thumbstick controller which will allow you to turn on/off the screen and navigate within the various menus.

A little below, both on one side and on the other, we will find the two built-in speakers. In the middle, face down, we will find the hub with the four USB portsthe various ports to connect the monitor to the PC or to any other device that sends a video and audio signal and the socket for the power cord. The whole is embellished with a particular texture that does not protect against fingerprints, rather. On the top of the panel we then find the built-in webcam with the appropriate flap to safeguard privacy.

The pedestal design also allows you to rotate our screen 90°, placing it vertically without having to buy a special support. This configuration can be great for programmers who often deal with thousands of lines of code. On the back of the main body there are two small lugs that act as hooks for keep the threads as collected and hidden as possible.

Greatness and functionality | Philips 27E1N5600HE review

Needless to tell us, the 27″ screen, especially if used very close up like a desk, has an optimal size and it allows you to have a good space to work on. Whether you use it to write or check data, you can comfortably manage two windows without making them too small.

With a QHD resolution it also turns out to be a good screen for gamingthanks also to the 75Hz refresh rate which turn out to be enough for a monitor meant for work. IPS technology then makes it suitable for observing video data even from higher angles, and the anti-reflection coating makes it makes it usable even in backlight. The presence of more sockets then, allows you to connect two computers at the same time. Lo switching between one and the other is facilitated thanks to the rear controller which, if pushed upwards, will modify the displayed input signal.

This controller, although it is placed in a slightly difficult point to reach, it simplifies our life a lot. From here we can access the monitor menu (by moving the lever to the right) and set all the settings to our liking. Furthermore, the predisposition to the game is also demonstrated by the quick access menu which will appear by moving the lever to the left.

Here we will have access to SmartImagea particular technology from Philips that allows us to select the best image according to the type of game we are playing (FPS, Racing and so on). In short, a good meeting point for those looking for a monitor suitable for work, but who still don’t want to give up good performance during gaming.

Many options to protect your eyesight | Philips 27E1N5600HE review

Philips has always had an eye for the health of users and this monitor is no exception. Indeed, the company has equipped it with important technologies that make it possible to safeguard the eyesight of those who use itstarting right from LowBlue Mode. The latter allows you to reduce the emission of blue light rays shortwave, mainly caused by LED displays. The LowBlue Mode, combined with a pair of glasses specially designed to shield the eyes from blue light, can save the eyes of the many workers forced to spend hours in front of the screen every day.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of reading, and you love reading your favorite books on your PC, or journalists who spend hours in front of a white screen writing articles, the mode EasyRead will allow to have a paper-like reading experience. Obviously the difference is noticeable; we are not talking about an eReader, designed specifically for this purpose, but we can say with certainty that after hours of use our eyes weren’t tired like they are with other screens.

Working remotely, but with limitations | Philips 27E1N5600HE review

In short, Philips has really thought of everything for the health of its users. But how could it be otherwise given the use for which the monitor is designed? Own to facilitate smartworkinga term that has now become known to everyone after two years of the pandemic, the company has installed a integrated camera on the monitor.

Although it is not of exceptional quality, we are still talking about one 5 MPin its small way the job is done admirably. We have tested her in work and study calls and she has always performed flawlessly. The built-in microphone sent back to our interlocutors a slightly muffled voice. This is also due to the noise cancellation which allows you to eliminate those annoying background noises that are now part of our lives.

However, although the sector is doing quite well, the webcam is not compatible with many of the software we use, such as XSplit VCam, a third-party software that allows you to remove the background without a green screen, and Discord. In short, not exactly a positive side, especially for the many players who like to communicate with their friends on specially created platforms.

Philips 27E1N5600HE review: Good for work and play


We have reached the end of this review regarding the Philips 27E1N5600HE monitor and the time has come to sum up a bit. This 27″ LCD monitor with IPS technology it’s a great monitor for work hours and hours without the slightest effort. The technologies with which it is equipped in fact they allow the eyes not to tire too muchthanks above all to the decrease in the emission of blue light rays.

Although it was designed primarily for work, we also tested it with various games and it fared very well with all of them. A 75Hz refresh rate is not so high in this respect, but has still been able to give its contribution, thanks above all to G-Sync compatibility (via DisplayPort cable, not provided by the company). Furthermore, the QHD resolution allows you to take advantage of even the most recent video cards in almost all their power.

The supplied cases provide a slightly closed soundmainly characterized by the more powerful bass of the high notes that are muffled. Even the audio returned to our interlocutors, taken from the microphone of the integrated webcam, was slightly gloomy, although many of the background noises have been eliminated that can characterize a house. The webcam itself, although not excellent, has been able to satisfy our needs, when we have been able to use it.

In fact, the latter it is not compatible with many programs. A pity since it could have exponentially increased its potential. Good turned out to us the screen controller used for switching on and off and for accessing the various menus and the many quick paths to quickly change some settings. However, its position can be really uncomfortableespecially in the first periods of use.

In short, we found in our hands an excellent product, but which still has small imperfections that can slightly compromise our experience. We remind you that this display is available at recommended price of 439 €at authorized dealers. That’s all for this review regarding the Philips 27E1N5600HE monitor. To not miss future news and reviews related to the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

Designed for work but with a look at gaming

Plus points

  • Eyes rested even after hours
  • Hub to recharge or transfer data
  • Also valid in gaming
  • Lever to manage the menu…

Points against

  • …in an uncomfortable position
  • Webcam not compatible with many software
  • Casse did not excel
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