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Philips announces new SuperWide monitor

Philips monitor presents its new Philips 45B1U6900CH perfect for productivity thanks to its 44.5″ SuperWide screen and an integrated 5 Megapixel webcam, also with a noise canceling microphone

Philips announces new SuperWide monitor

Nuovo monitor Philips SuperWide con Webcam Noise-Cancelling da 5 Megapixel

The Philips 45B1U6900CH replaces dual screen workstations thanks to its 44.5″ SuperWide 32:9 display that allows professionals to easily open multiple windows and have a wide perspective perfect for video editing. Additionally, the monitor’s curved VA display produces wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees and 1500R curvature for sharp, high-contrast images, to deliver an overall more immersive experience.

“We are happy to announce the release of the Philips 45B1U6900CH” said Xeni Bariaktari, Global Marketing Lead of Philips Monitors and IT Accessories. “The size and aspect ratio of the screen, along with the additional features like docking and noise canceling webcam, making it an ideal choice for those with really high expectations against your monitor.”

A Webcam yes 5MP for a better Video Conferencing experience. In addition to the large screen, another key asset for optimal productivity is the Philips 45B1U6900CH 5MP pop-up webcam. Optimized for a better video experience, the monitor is equipped with a noise canceling microphone and a built-in webcam 5MP for high quality calls.

This camera allows you to enjoy abetter user experience, and boosts your productivity big on Windows Hello; advanced facial recognition sensors log each user into all their Windows accounts in seconds.

Another important feature to enhance your workspace is USB-C docking with RJ45. With this docking system, professionals are able to connect to the network with RJ45, set the connected device’s power, experience high-resolution video output, and connect an external device for high-speed data transfer.

Oltre al docking USB-C, Philips 45B1U6900CH it has many other functions that can help professionals complete their daily tasks. These are not limited to the basic features, but include: Display HDR 400 for VESA certification, colors of high quality on screena headset hook for convenient and convenient headphone management, and MultiClient Integrated KVM for controlling a two-PC setup on the same monitor.

Furthermore, the TUV Rheinland Eyesafe RPF 50 certification guarantees the protection against eye strain induced by blue light thanks to the ever-present blue light filter on the display.

For professionals aiming to improve their productivity, the Philips 45B1U6900C is for them.

The monitor is already available on the market at a price of €1189.00.

What do you think of this monitor? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the hardware universe, keep following!

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