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Philips celebrates 100 years of activity in Italy

The Philips Anonymous Italian Society, a branch of the Dutch company of the same name, will celebrate 100 years of activity in Italy in 2023. Founded in 1923 in Milan, Philips has accompanied the history of Italy and the world with its cutting-edge solutions and products in the fields of lighting, communication, music, home appliances and health.

In the future, for 100 years

To celebrate this important milestone, the leading company in the Health Technology sector organized an event at SuperLab Bicocca in Milan, with the participation of institutional representatives and innovation experts. The event, entitled In the future, for 100 years, retraced the main stages of the journey that saw Philips as a protagonist in numerous areas. It also hosted a round table on the theme “People-driven innovation, challenges and opportunities of the new digital humanism”.

The aim was to reflect on the role of innovation today and on the challenges that digital and artificial intelligence pose to society. The debate was attended by MElissa Ferretti PerettiVP e Country Manager Google Italia, Emanuela Girardiboard member of AIxIA, Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence and Founder of POP AI, Maximo IbarraCEO Engineering Group, Gianmario VeronaPresident of the Human Technopole Foundation, e Andrea Celli, Managing Director of Philips Italy, Israel and Greece.

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The speakers underlined the need for transparent and secure governance to ensure responsible and sustainable digital innovation, where artificial intelligence serves human intelligence and contributes to the well-being of people and the planet.

Philips in Italy since 1923: a piece of the country’s history

The history of Philips is studded with inventions and discoveries that have changed the way people live and take care of themselves. From the 1930s onwards, Philips brought radio and TV, manufactured in the Monza factory, into Italian homes. Not only that, he revolutionized the music world with cassette tapes and CDs; offered everyday objects and small appliances that have improved the quality of life; developed systems for collecting and processing data used in strategic areas such as airports; introduced new technologies for medical diagnostics, such as 3D X-ray scanners and patented the first sonic toothbrush for oral hygiene.

Today Philips continues to invest heavily in research and development – ​​in 2022 it was the first European company in the MedTech category and the second worldwide for the number of patents presented.

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