Philips Hue illumina PLB World per un'esperienza di gioco ancora più coinvolgente thumbnail

Philips Hue lights up PLB World for an even more immersive gaming experience

Ten years ago the lighting of our homes was entrusted to traditional light bulbs. At least largely. Here and there the dimmable halogen lamps popped up, a few spotlights in the corridor, but the light was basically white. Hot or cold according to taste, or the cheapest bulbs picked up at the supermarket.

Today everything is different.
Even the lighting has become smart. And smart doesn’t just mean controlling a few devices with your smartphone but also being able to personalize the experience.
The brands that allow you to do this today are different but there is one that is actually setting the standard: Signify. Or, if you prefer, Philips Hue.

Here, small clarification: they are not exactly synonyms.
Signify is the company, Philips Hue is the brand. One of those that we have come to know and recognize. One of those that populate online stores with a flood of different products ranging from classic light bulbs to solutions designed specifically for the PC.
Many of these products you can now see in action from PLB Worldthe edutainment hub created by Christian Vieri and Bernardo Corrado in Milan.

Philips Hue illumina PLB World

Philips Hue PLB World Gradient PC

Signify is PLB World’s lighting partner. This means that the Dutch company’s solutions are scattered throughout the space, on both levels, animating and decorating every environment, from the area dedicated to BoboTV to the gaming area passing through the small and welcoming cinema room.

A tour by PLB World will allow you to see it at work Philips Hue Lightstrip Gradient Ambience and especially the most recent ones Gradient PCthe flexible light strips that go perfectly with gamer monitors and can be controlled with l’app Philips Hue Sync PC: a few clicks and you can have lighting effects perfectly aligned with what is happening on the screen, without lag. Or you can choose to match the lighting to the music you’re listening to or the movie you’re watching.

To create the right atmosphere we think that Philips Hue Sign, a special gradient lamp with a contemporary design available in floor and table versions, Philips Hue Gothe rechargeable portable lamp with an iconic shape, e Philips Hue Irisan elegant plug and play lamp.

Philips Hue PLB World sala cinema

“Signify with the Philips Hue brand, flagship in the world of intelligent lighting, has always been committed to bringing innovation and unleashing the incredible potential of light. We are extremely proud to be the lighting partner of this new eSports project, in which the immersive light experience is essential to create the right context, ideal for training and devising the best game strategies – he said monica stumps, Commercial Leader Consumer channel of Signify. – Whether it’s a professional tournament or a friendly moment, Philips Hue solutions are able to create a unique level of immersion and involvement, allowing you to cultivate your talent and live your passion to the full”.

Of course, you don’t have to be a gamer to take advantage of and enjoy Philips Hue products. Any Signify solution can help you bring a touch of color and create the right atmosphere to your homeswhether it’s for a relaxing couple’s evening or a lively party.
And then you can count on the mobile application for a truly personalized experience, ranging from the choice of colors to the possibility of waking up with the right lighting in the room.
The possibilities are truly endless.

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