Philips Screeneo U4 projector: launch announced

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Philips Projection finally presents its latest creation. The new Philips Screeneo U4 projector

Philips Projection (here for more information) is pleased to announce the launch of Philips Screeneo U4. This is an ultra short throw projector that provides an image True Full HD da 80while it is positioned at a distance of only 12 (30,5 cm). Available exclusively for pre-order on the online innovation platform, Indiegogo, Screeneo U4 has already received great interest from thousands of supporters.

Statements and impressions about the Philips Screeneo U4 projector

Below are the first statements made about the new Philips Screeneo U4 projector.

After seeing the overwhelming success of the Screeneo U3, we knew from the start that the Philips Screeneo U4 should have done more. The aim was to bring ultra short throw projector technology further, all the while in a more compact design. this product has the ability to provide users with image accuracy and versatility, perfect for movie marathons and gaming sessions,

he has declared Dan MamanePresident of Screeneo Innovation SA.

Philips Screeneo U4 projector: launch announced


Philips Screeneo U4 offers a true cinematic experience at home and is perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, study or living room. Optimize your space and get the most out of every square inch of your home as you can place the projector within a foot of the projection screen. When placing the projector a 19,5 cm (7.7 inches) from the wall, you get an image of 152 cm (60 inches) while at 30.5 cm (12 inches) you get a massive 80-inch image.

Screeneo U4 is quick and painless to set up in seconds. L’fast autofocusthe automatic keystone correction and the 4 corner correction eliminate distorted images. Thus an image is obtained perfectly proportioned even if the device is not straight in front of the wall. Screeneo U4 tuning reaches the 108% coverage of the standard color HDTV Rec.709 ensuring incredible image performance and sharpness. Designed with the images of the CPU AMlogic T972colors HDR10 remain lifelike with exceptional high definition sharpness for text.

True Full HD cinema experience

With an incredible True Full HD 1080p, HDR10 and leveraging XPR technology, Screeneo U4 delivers flawless image accuracy and clarity. Film technology DLP by Texas Instrument also offers vivid images, deep contrast and bright images in any conditions. The powerful LED light source lasts up to 30.000 orewith much lower power consumption than a normal lamp projector.

The projector incorporates two HDMI 2.0and USB-A e un Jack 3.5 so you can connect all your devices. You can connect your game consoles, Apple TVs, laptops or TV receivers to the HDMI ports. Thanks to the USB-A power port, you don’t even need an additional adapter for your streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick o Year. Plug it into the HDMI and USB port and you are good to go.

Philips Screeneo U4 projector: launch announced

Excellent sound quality and innovative design

Users will enjoy a fully immersive cinematic and musical experience with the surround and bass enhancementa booming design from 2×15 watt it’s a audio system 2.1. Thanks to the function audio Dual Bluetooth, you can also listen to your audio on two different Bluetooth devices at the same time (speakers or headphones). Or, you can even turn your projector into a boombox, listening to songs with or without video.

Composed of a modern and compact design, with aluminum and completely dark matt ABS, Screeneo U4 integrates seamlessly with your home. The Philips Screeneo U4, comes with an international charger and a remote control and is available at a price of around 599 EUR, exclusively on Indiegogo.

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