Philips Series 5400 LatteGo: the coffee machine you were looking for

Philips Serie 5400 LatteGo: la macchina da caffè che stavi cercando thumbnail

We anticipate it immediately: Philips Serie 5400 LatteGo it is not the cheapest coffee machine on the market.
The recommended retail price is 899,99 €. That yes, there are many, but they seem justified.
“They seem” because we haven’t had the opportunity to personally test the product but we discovered and touched it during an event held yesterday in Milan.

Philips 5400 Series LatteGo: How does it work?

The first thing we thought when we saw the Philips 5400 Series LatteGo was “Wow, but in my house there is no place“.
In fact, the dimensions – 246x372x433 mm – make it less easy to position than the now widespread coffee machines with pods. The difference, however, is clear and tangible.
First of all integrates the LatteGo system, which allows you to prepare a cappuccino at home and with extreme ease; the system on the other hand leads to as many as 12 drinks that can be prepared with this machine which on his side also has a touchscreen display with an intuitive interface. The screen also lets you decide whether to prepare a cup or two, how long you want the coffee (in millilitres), how concentrated it should be… Basically, you can set it to suit your needs and those of the rest of the family. I am indeed 4 user profiles available, each with its specific preferences.

The user experience is therefore simplified but there is still great attention to the preparation: land pure ceramic grinders guarantee optimal grinding of the coffee beans, while the system Aroma Extract it acts to maintain – cup after cup – the right balance between dispensing temperature and aroma extraction. Finally, the LatteGo system mixes milk and air at high speed, adding a velvety foam to your favorite drink, served at the ideal temperature and without unpleasant splashes.

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Philips Serie 5400 LatteGo display

And the cleaning? That too is very simple: The LatteGo system cleans up in just 15 seconds with running water or in the dishwasher, and is made up of just two parts, with no hidden tubes.
Then you will only have to worry about organic waste, which can be transformed into fertilizer for plants or an excellent remedy against ants.

Philips 5400 Series LatteGo system

Finally, Philips equipped the machine with a filter AquaClean, which allows you to prepare up to 5,000 cups without descaling, while the removable brew group allows you to thoroughly clean the internal mechanism. In short, yes, even if you live in the city you don’t have to worry too much about the water you use.

Philips Series 5400 LatteGo is undoubtedly a lady coffee machine. One of those created to please everyone: espresso lovers, American fans, those who can’t give up their daily cappuccino… All this, however, as we said before, comes at a significant cost.
However, know that Philips offers a number of other products at lower costs. You will have to give up some drinks but the basic system is almost the same.