Philips TV & Sound: new products coming this summer

TP Vision announces the appointment of the third online event on August 31st: the surprising new Philips TV & Sound products will be revealed, protagonists of the autumn / winter 2021 collection

The style and unique design of the recent new product launches, September 2020 and January 2021, have guaranteed the company the highest praise. The events were followed up with broad international participation and provided for a high level of interaction during the sessions dedicated to the innovative and technical characteristics of the products by both the media and the commercial network. The third event (dedicated again to European media and sales force) will have a new format with Q&A sessions, based on invitation and carried out in person at the offices of each key country.

Philips TV & Sound: new products coming this summer

Philips TV & Sound: the summer event for new products

The online connection will be held on August 31 for the international press conference which will be attended by Kostas Vouzas, CEO of Philips TV & Sound Europe of TP Vision and Martijn Smelt, Chief Marketing Officer. The conference will start with a presentation of recent products and relevant points related to the business, giving a picture of the company’s future plans. The “absolute stars” of the event will also be unveiled: the latest OLED + TVs and the new ones Philips Fidelio audio products. During the day, TP Vision finally provided some “live” technical briefings.

The more in-depth Q&A sessions will address many issues such as developments in TV technology with Danny Tack, TP Vision’s PQ “guru”, with the presentation of Philips and Philips Fidelio Premium Sound by Benoit Burette – Head of Philips Sound Strategy, in addition to details on system audio Bowers & Wilkins sull’OLED + provided by Andy Kerr – Director of Product Communication at Bowers & Wilkins. Commenting on the online launch events, Kostas Vouzas, CEO of Philips TV & Sound Europe & Americas said:

The TP Vision team has already demonstrated that we are capable of creating high-impact and fun digital launch events that are able to enthusiastically communicate our product news to media and business partners. I am very confident that we can continue this trend as we reveal our next generation of Philips TV and audio products, continuing to develop our style so that our Fall 2021 online event is even bigger and more fun. ‘

We will certainly follow the event and bring you the news, so keep following us!

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