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Philips TV & Sound: presented the new Ambilight TVs

Philips recently presented the new Ambilight TV series, designed to create the best possible atmosphere. Let’s discover them all together

Movies, sports, gaming: whatever content consumers want to enjoy in 2023, TP Vision is ready to offer the best performance thanks to a wide range of new premium OLED TVsthe models of the series ‘The Xtra‘ eh TV LCD Ambilight all labeled Philips. These new models feature the new seventh generation P5 processor which offers a version Improved v2 of Ambient Intelligence. Let’s find out all the models and related details.

OLED+908, the top of the range among the new Philips Ambilight TVs that shines with its own light

Will come on next autumn 2023 in formats from 55″, 65″ e 77″the new TV OLED+908. Inside it will mount the panel equipped with the tecnologia OLED META and the additional power of the 7th generation P5 AI processora sound system Bowers & Wilkins integrated and a system Ambilight Next Gen su tre lati. A mix of premium features to offer a unique, engaging visual experience of exceptional quality.

The new META OLED panel uses one layer Micro Lens Array it’s a META brightness boost algorithm to offer a potential light peak of 2100 nitswith a 70% increase and a wider viewing angle and as well as a significant improvement in energy efficiency. The seventh generation P5 AI processor offers an improved V2 version of Ambient Intelligence that allows real-time adjustment of brightness as well as gamma and color response of the screen.

This ensures optimal performance according to the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment. All this is possible thanks to the new XYZ light sensor can measure the color temperature of the light in the viewing environment, so that the white point of the image on the screen exactly matches the real-time hue of the room’s ambient lighting.

The OLED+908 will be equipped with the new Google TV Operating Systema refined and more sophisticated version of the current Android TV experience with a more intuitive interface and home screen. The minimalist design of the OLED+908 features a super thin frame in dark metalcombined with the dark fabric speaker grille by Square Audiomix and a new open stand in metal with a black finish.

Philips TV & Sound: presented the new Ambilight TVs

OLED808: Lots of improvements for Philips’ most popular Ambilight OLED TV range ever

The Serie OLED808 adds a new screen dimension to the Ambilight TV range, with the first 42″ OLED model, which is added to the already existing 48″, 55″, 65″ and 77″. The OLED808 range offers the power of the new seventh generation P5 AI, with Ambient Intelligence V2 and the new Super Resolution features and has pannelli OLED_EX gives 1000 nits high output, for screens 55″ or larger, to ensure superb picture quality.

This series delivers superlative and advanced gaming performanceadding compatibility Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz all’HDMI 2.1 e-Arcil VRR support for 4K 40Hz to 120Hz with a full 48Gbps bandwidth, the compatibilità FreeSync Premium e G-SYNC and the modalities Auto Game e Auto-Low-Latency.

Excellent sound quality continues to be a strong point of the range, thanks to a 70W integrated 2.1 sound system (50W for 42″), with a more accurate digital crossover that precisely controls the distribution to the left and right two-way speakers and a dedicated triple-ring, rear-facing woofer supported by four passive radiators.

The OLED808 has a razor-thin designframeless, with an external dark metal profile that allows for a seamless connection to the most sophisticated and powerful Next Gen three-sided Ambilight systemwith greater detail and color accuracy, to create a more immersive viewing experience.

Philips TV & Sound: presented the new Ambilight TVs

The One continues to shine among Philips Ambilight TVs

The Serie PerformanceThe One‘ continues to be a hugely important part of the Philips Ambilight TV range and will be updated with two new series in Q2 2023the 8808 and the 8508, both equipped with the seventh generation P5 processor. ‘The One’ models continue to offer the same level of performance, European design and quality, plus the key features of a higher-end model, but at an average and ultra-competitive price.

The 8808 series will offer 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″ screenswhile the 8508 series will be available in 43″, 50″, 55″ and 65″ versions. High quality WCG panels are featured in both ranges: 120Hz for the 8808 and 60Hz for the 8508. The latter is also equipped with DLG and HRS technology to deliver 4K content at 120Hz with the smoothness and sharpness very close to that of a native 120Hz panel.

Both series feature the three-sided version of the immersive Ambilight system and the new Google TV OS, as well as a more intuitive user interface. Model 8808 from 43″ to 65″ is featuring a minimal frame anthracite gray with a satin effect on the lower edge of the screen, while the revolving EVO support it is also finished in charcoal grey. The 75″ and 85″ versions of the 8808 are characterized by anthracite gray metal stick feet. The 8508 series is instead characterized by a thin anthracite gray frame with satin effect on the underside of the screen and from a height-adjustable anthracite metal support with gray feet.

Philips TV & Sound: presented the new Ambilight TVs

“The Xtra&” series debuts by making MiniLED performance more affordable

The first model of the new series ‘The Xtra‘ and the TV Mini LED 9308What will be launched in the third quarter in formats from 55″ e 65″ offering great performance and exceptional value. Positioned one step below the OLED Ambilight models, the 9308 still delivers great picture and sound thanks to the seventh generation P5 processor and the introduction of a very high quality WCG panelat 120Hz and 98% DCI, which produces an impressive light output of 1000 nitsand a front audio system Bowers & Wilkins 2.1 da 64W.

The Ambilight system, in its three-sided version, offers a unique and immersive view while viewers can enjoy an improved and enhanced Smart TV experience thanks to TP Vision. The TV’s premium European design now extends to an extra-slim metal frame finished in anthracite colour, with a thin satin black border along the bottom of the screen to match the finish of the open frame stand. The design is completed by the tessuto audiomix Kavdrat dark for the speaker grille.

A second series of ‘The Xtra’ MiniLEDs, the 9008 series, will be launched in 55″, 65″ and 75″ versions with the 7th generation P5, a 120HZ 1000 nits panel, a powerful 40W 2.0 audio system and charcoal gray stick feet. These were all new offerings from Philips. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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