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Phishing, the fake Netflix email to steal payment data

A e-mail on Netflix that spoke of a blocked account could prove to be dangerous: indeed it is a phishing scamwhich hackers have sent to steal your payment details. Check Point Research warns of this new threat. Which seems even more dangerous, given that many users could mistake it for the streaming giant’s account sharing limits.

Netflix, the fake email that is actually a phishing attempt

Check Point Research (CPR)the Threat Intelligence division of Check Point Software, has released its Brand Phishing Report relating to the first quarter of 2023. Among the various attacks, one stands out that bears – unduly – the name of Netflix.

The attack consisted of sending a fake email from “support@bryanadamstribute[.]dkwhich appeared to come from the streaming service. The email stated that the recipient’s Netflix account had been blocked for a payment problem and prompted you to click a link to renew your subscription. However, the link led to a malicious website (“https://oinstitutoisis[.]com/update/login/”) trying to steal the user’s payment information.

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This is an example of brand phishing, a technique in which attackers try to imitate the official website of a famous brand using a domain or a Similar URL and web page design reminiscent of the original. The fake website can be reached through emails or text messages, redirects while browsing the web, or through fake apps. The fake website often contains a module that is intended to steal users’ personal information, such as credentials or payment details.

Omer Dembinsky, Data Group Manager di Check Point Software, explains: “Criminal groups organize ever more convincing phishing campaigns to induce the greatest number of people to provide their personal data. In some cases, some attacks are launched to steal payment details, as we have seen with the popular streaming service Netflix.”

In addition to Netflix, the most imitated brands are:

  • Walmart (related to 16% of all phishing attacks globally)
  • DHL (13%)
  • Microsoft (12%)
  • LinkedIn (6%)
  • FedEx (4.9%)
  • Google (4.8%)
  • Netflix (4%)
  • Raiffeisen (3.6%)
  • PayPal (3.5%)

More details on the Check Point Software website.

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