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Pinterest: Videos work better than on other platforms

Pinterest shares research showing how video advertising content reaches audiences more effectively on the platform than other online spaces

The best platform for video advertising is Pinterest

As conversations about the toxicity of online spaces continue to ignite around the world, advertisers are being driven to create video content that captures not only the attention of consumers, but also their hearts and imaginations. Offering an ideal solution for marketers, they search today Pinterest shares demonstrates how the video advertising content on the platform is more effective than other websites, as they reach a specific target audience.

The research, conducted by GroupM, has shown that video ads on Pinterest have 3x higher visibility and 2x higher completion rate than other platforms (MRC Video View Rate. Viewability benchmark 2020, Francia).

Is it all a question of target?

These results are due to an audience on Pinterest that is more receptive to inspirational ads, with video campaigns with an average view of 82%, according to Kantar’s study of 42 video campaigns in France, Germany, Spain and the UK (reach of Pinterest videos viewable in 42 campaigns in EMEA, Kantar.)

“Pinterest is truly a one-of-a-kind platform because it attracts hundreds of millions of people who plan every month around the world and who choose Pinterest as the positive, safe and inspiring space by definition of the Internet to choose or try what they want to buy. . On Pinterest, people want to see branded video content to help them turn their ideas into reality. We have seen a significant increase in people and brands in terms of video content searches and views over the past year. More and more people are looking for a more engaging and inspirational source of inspiration. ” Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing, EMEA di Pinterest.

Pinterest: an oasis of calm amidst the storm of the web and video

Advertisers in categories such as food, home, fashion, beauty and travel are experiencing first hand the effectiveness of their reach on Pinterest. Airbnb’s ‘First Night on Us’ video reached 4.2 million people in just four weeks. This is more than 70% of the targeted audience (Airbnb internal data, France, 2019). While Barilla launched ‘Barilla Collezione’ with ad-hoc ads for Pinterest that generated a view reach of 73%. They also generated an increase in Pin awareness of 10 percentage points (Pinterest Brand Lift Study for Barilla, Germany 2020).

Being the perfect place to get inspired and plan moments in your life, Pinterest has always been a positive place, and nearly 9 out of 10 Pinners report every week that Pinterest is an online oasis. Now more than ever, platforms are responsible for creating and promoting positive online experiences for consumers.

The 8 tips for investors

To help advertisers Pinterest provides the best tips for creating more engaging video ads, based on the most effective content achieved last year on Pinterest.

  • Deciphering business goals – think about your business goals first to decide if you want high-impact content, an effective short video to grab attention, or a longer, more educational version
  • Know your audience – To target the most relevant audience with video content, you need to make sure you know who that audience is. Since the idea of ​​the traditional public profile has disappeared, it is necessary to know the new consumption habits and the expectations that are emerging. It may be enough to choose certain colors or words they are most attracted to
  • Select the right ingredients – different audiences respond better to different types of video content. From user-generated content, to videos that link to additional information. You need to plan your video content carefully
  • Tap into what people are looking for – To help target their videos, Pinterest recommends watching what your audience is looking for. Pinterest Trends is a way for you to integrate trends as they grow and become mainstream, and consequently deliver interesting content. From cocktails for Christmas to red nails for Valentine’s Day
  • Make it usable – Whether it’s collaborating with Creators your audience follows, or encouraging customers to try and buy a product with a Try On sticker, it’s important to make your video content engaging and actionable.
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