Abbonamenti pirata per la Pay TV: denunciati 1.800 clienti thumbnail

Pirate Pay TV subscriptions: 1,800 customers reported

Pirate Pay TV subscriptions: 1,800 thumbnail customers reported

Another case of pirate subscriptions to Pay TV services in Italy. The case of the day concerns a man residing in the province of Varese who is under investigation in Milan for a series of crimes. The man in question could end up on trial for intellectual property infringement and computer fraud. The investigators found, in fact, that the suspect had created a circle of about 1,800 customers to which he offered, in exchange for a fee, pirate subscriptions to Pay TV services.

Pirate Pay TV Subscriptions: Investigations are ongoing

The suspect, between 2017 and 2020, allegedly offered pirated services for access to Pay TV. According to the first reports, the man would have made about 500 thousand euros so. Payments were made via bank transfers and prepaid card top-ups. Customers could obtain information on how to access pirated Pay TV subscriptions and payments through the contacts available on various websites. The “services” offered by the suspect concerned the possibility of illegally accessing subscriptions and with a net saving compared to the normal costs required by the broadcasters.

Complaint also for customers

I clients who have illegally accessed these services were reported for receiving stolen goods. In total, 1,800 people have been identified but investigations are still ongoing and further details could emerge over the next few weeks.

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