Pirated IPTV, seized 500 web resources and 40 Telegram channels

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Il Special unit for the protection of privacy and technological fraud of the Finance Police has kidnapped 500 web resources to counter the Pirate IPTV. Also stuck 40 Telegram channels who have released the links to watch the last day of Serie A and the final of the Conference League.

Pirate IPTV, the GdF seizes 500 web resources and 40 Telegram channels

The last few weeks have been decisive for football lovers, with AC Milan winning the Serie A championship at the last moment and Roma triumphing in the Conference League. But many people have watched these games via illegal streams. And the Guardia di Finanza has seized the pirated assets and tracked down the users.

Beyond 500 web resources and 40 Telegram channels kidnapped. Which with the tracking systems implemented by the Guardia di Finanza made it possible to identify who was connected. According to the police, they would have used a new flow management system for the diffusion. “Stream Creed”, based on the code of Xtream Code dismantled by the GdF in 2019.

european soccer iptv seizure

Anyone who then attempted to view the latest matches in illegal streaming, suffered a redirect to a information panel in which the Guardia di Finanza warned that the site was under seizure. And that investigators would have analyzed and traced the connection data.

The CEO of Dazn Italia Stefano Azzi he commented: “We renew our full support to the Police Forces committed every day to counteract the piracy phenomenon that generates enormous damage every year to our country system. With particular impact on the media and entertainment industry and on end customers “.

The CEO continued: “Piracy strikes the whole world of Ott players, not just Dazn. As platforms and channels diversify, the methods of piracy are also changing. Dazn’s anti-piracy division and its partners are already working to stop thousands of instances through law enforcement operations, injunctions and continuous innovation aimed at protecting subscribers ”.