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Pixel Watch won’t work with iPhone

Google showed us some first official images of its very first smartwatch during Google I / O 2022 this week. The device is expected to arrive this fall, but only for devices with Android 8 or higher. Indeed Google has confirmed that Pixel Watch will not be able to be connected to an iPhone.

Pixel Watch will not connect with iPhone

We have been waiting for it for years and finally it shows itself: Google Pixel Watch is on its way. Although Google only wanted to show some details of their device, preferring to leave the details in all probability to a dedicated event (perhaps when it will also announce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro).

On stage, the Google team only explained that this new smartwatch will have the best of Wear OS and the fitness features of Fitbit, promising to be a really interesting smartwatch well integrated into its ecosystem. But in a summary clip on Twitter, he specified that it will only work linked to Android 8 or higher devices.

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No mention for iOS, Apple’s operating system. And we are not surprised: also Galaxy Watch 4 at Samsung uses Wear OS 3 and is not compatible with iOS. But it hasn’t always been like this, in fact since Android Wear (as it was called before) arrived it has always supported iPhone.

On the other hand however, no Apple Watch works with Android smartphones. So this seems like a direct response decision. In some ways, it feeds the ecosystem of Android products without giving Apple an extra ‘edge’. But on the other hand, it limits the choice for consumers, who should feel free to choose the device they prefer.

Until there is the official announcement, we will not be sure of the lack of compatibility, we could understand the reasons. We will keep you updated, but it seems like more and more the choice of the smartwatch goes hand in hand with that of the smartphone.

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