Planet of Lana review: an exciting journey

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In this review we will tell you about Planet of Lana, the side-scrolling puzzle platformer developed by Whishfully and published by Thunderful

Planet of Lana is a splendid one side-scrolling puzzle platformer developed by Whishfully and recently published by Thunderful Publishing. The title has managed to capture the attention of gamers since 2021 reveal trailer and now it’s finally available worldwide. If you are interested in knowing the actual value of Planet of Lana, in this review we will tell you about it in detail.

Planet of Lana review: an exciting journey

A Silent Journey | Planet of Wool review

In this title you will take on the role of Lanaa young girl who lives on a strange planet where man lives in perfect harmony with nature. The life of the protagonist flowed serene until a catastrophic event it didn’t crash into his world. One day suddenly a army of robots appeared from space and began to capture all inhabitants of the planet including How much, Lana’s older sister.

After this tragic event, the protagonist will roll up her sleeves and set off on a long journey in search of what remains of her family. Lana will meet a large number of obstacles on his journey but luckily he can always count on the help of Mui, a strange little creature that she managed to free from the clutches of robots.

The beginning of Planet of Lana is very classic and how the story will continue is also quite predictable. Despite this, however, the title still manages to conquer the player thanks to a exciting and unconventional storytelling which happens naturally in the course of the adventure. In Planet of Lana indeed there are no dialogues or written textsand the title will lead you to discover the history of its universe naturally through the elements that make up the various scenarios.

Also, although there is no actual dialogue, Planet of Lana still manages to make the player understand the relationships between the characters and their moods. Through sounds, gestures and expressions it is in fact very simple to understand what goes on in the characters’ heads, thus making it really easy to be able to empathize with them.

Planet of Lana review: an exciting journey

Natural Puzzles | Planet of Wool review

Planet of Wool is a puzzle platform scrolling horizontally and consequently to continue in your adventure you will have to overcome a large number of obstacles of various types. For example in some cases you will have to move objects to overcome slopes, in others you will have to climb on steep walls, while in still others you will have to solve some puzzles.

Fortunately, however, to do so you will not only have to rely on Lana but you can also count on the help of Mui. In fact, your four-legged friend is much smaller and more agile than you and consequently will be able to reach places that are difficult to access. In addition Mui is also very intelligent and Lana will be able to give him several orders. For example, it can ask him to move to a certain point, stay put or even interact with some objects.

In addition to the various environmental obstacles during your adventure you will also have to contend with several enemies. The planet of Lana is in fact inhabited by wild creatures hostile and of course also i robot who kidnapped Elo will try to get you out of the way. Of course, however, Lana is only a child and consequently he will have no way to deal with these enemies directly.

In some cases you will avoid enemies using Mui as distraction and moving with the right timing, but fortunately to overcome these thorny situations you can also count on a basic mechanic stealth. By holding down the appropriate key you can in fact crouch to hide in the tall grass and to squeeze into narrow places without being noticed by dangerous creatures.

Overall the various puzzles and environmental puzzles present in Planet of Lana result really simple and not too originalbut nevertheless they are still a lot agreeable. In fact, during your adventure you will find yourself faced with ever-changing situations that they will never let you feel bored. In addition, in the later stages of the game you will also have access to some ability which, once mastered, will make jigsaw puzzles even more enjoyable.

Planet of Lana review: an exciting journey

An Enchanting World | Planet of Wool review

From the point of view technician Planet of Lana performs quite well. The game is very light and during our test it managed to always maintain a very stable framerate even in the most chaotic situations and with many particle effects on the screen. Also thankfully we haven’t run into any kind of bugs worth mentioning.

However, what has predictably managed to strike us the most is the artistic sector. The backgrounds and numerous elements of the scenario in fact are handcrafted with extreme care and using gods pastel colours nothing short of splendid. This makes every single shot in the game a lovely picture which will push you to continue calmly in your adventure for fully enjoy every single glimpse that Planet of Lana can offer you. In addition, the beautiful art style is also highlighted thanks to great design of both robots and creatures who inhabit the planet.

As if that were not enough, the title also boasts some animations (especially those related to the faces of the protagonists) and really good voice acting. Although both of these aspects are extremely minimal however, they are well done and have really contributed a lot in making us empathize with Lana and Mui.

Planet of Lana review: an exciting journey


Now has come the point of our review where we sum up Planet of Lana. Wishfully’s new game is a very simple and short product which, despite this, still manages to offer to the players a noteworthy experience.

The silent narration of the title is capable of make you passionate about the story very easily of the planet without resorting to long explanations and the protagonists manage to make themselves loved even if they communicate with an incomprehensible language. Plus the game’s various puzzles, though they are a little too simple and not very originalthey still turn out to be enough funny to overcome. In short, thanks to all these elements and al wonderful art style that distinguishes it, Planet of Lana turns out to be a very good title pleasant and relaxing that for sure will not disappoint lovers of the genre at all.

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Plus points

  • Enjoyable puzzles but…
  • Silent narration works
  • Gorgeous art style

Points against

  • … far too simple and not very original