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Planet Zoo: The North America Animal Pack introduces 8 new animals

Planet Zoo can count on the new North America Animal Pack. The additional content, already available for purchase, introduces several new features within the game. The new pack, which joins the previous packs released in the past, enriches the game with 8 new animals. The title that aims to be characterized as the definitive zoo simulation therefore presents several novelties of sure interest for fans.

What’s new in Planet Zoo’s North America Animal Pack

The new North America Animal Pack di Planet Zoo enriches the game with several new animals. Available to players we find now elk, puma, California sea lion, American beaver, American alligator, black-tailed prairie dog, arctic fox and bullfrog. There are seven habitat animals and one show animal that exhibit unique behaviors and characteristics. The pack is available, as an extension of the base game, directly on Steam.


Some curiosities

Among the main innovations of the new pack is the arctic fox, an animal characterized by a thick white coat necessary to counteract the winter. This animal also exists in a color variation with a charcoal gray coat also featured in the game. Thetaria of California it has been faithfully reproduced, including its distinctive loud bark. L’I raised, instead, it is known to be a very large animal and the largest specimen ever measured came to weigh 820 kilograms.

The North American beaver it is, on the other hand, one of the most characteristic animals of North America and is capable of gnawing even the most resistant wood. Potentially, the beaver will be able to break through the barriers of the Planet Zoo enclosures creating many headaches for the players. The alligators Americans they are, on the other hand, the largest reptile on the continent and can reach up to 5 meters in length.

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