Su Samsung TV Plus arriva PlayerZ, la serie dedicata ai gamers thumbnail

PlayerZ arrives on Samsung TV Plus

The catalog of Samsung TV Plus, the first FAST / AVOD app launched in 2019 on the Smart TVs of the Korean brand, is expanding. In fact, among the new entries of Samsung TV Plus we find PlayerZ, the new Got Game fiction set in the gaming world. It is a sort of sketch comedy in 10 episodes, directed by Matteo Branciamore e Giorgio Croce Nanni, which follows the events of Marco and Ludovico, two neighbors united by an inordinate passion for videogames. Their dream is in fact to become professional streamers. The events, bordering on hilarity, see the two protagonists face unpredictable situations, with a lighthearted and light narrative.

PlayerZ lands on Samsung TV Plus through Got Game

Got Game, the channel dedicated to gaming that hosts PlayerZ, is available on Samsung TV Plus, channel 4128. Here are the words of Cristina Sala, Senior Business Development Manager Italy TV Plus, ESBO.

“The Samsung TV Plus portfolio is expanding and we are delighted to be able to offer new and diversified content to reach even the youngest. The world of gaming is becoming more and more pervasive and even the original productions we host are entering this new slice of the market. The dynamism of Samsung TV Plus, the first AVOD platform in Italy launched in 2019, lies precisely in the ability to grasp trends and adapt its offer accordingly, with tailor-made content for our users. With Samsung TV Plus we are proud to be able to offer our users ever more complete entertainment channels, TV series, movies, sports, news, lifestyle and music, which can meet a variety of needs in every age group. “

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