PlayStation 5 and Marvel: a new multiplayer game coming?

PlayStation 5 e Marvel: in arrivo un nuovo gioco multiplayer? thumbnail

According to a recent rumor, an as yet unannounced Marvel game heavily focused on multiplayer would be currently in development as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. This was revealed by Nick Backer, the host of the XboxEra podcast, who invited Microsoft users to put their soul in peace and accept that Sony and Marvel now have consolidated partnerships regarding video games.

PlayStation 5: a new Marvel game in development?

Speaking on the XboxEra podcast, co-host Nick Baker said that “Sony is consolidating relations with Marvel – and he went on to explain that – Sony is clearly all-in on Marvel and Disney is clearly all-in on Sony.” Baker then kindly invited users to don’t expect a Marvel game on Microsoft consoles, but that, rather, it seems that Sony fans are about to get yet another game from the House of Ideas comics.

Baker claims to have heard from his sources that a Marvel multiplayer game is presumably in the works and will likely be a PS5 exclusive. There are currently no further details available, but Baker says he and his source have speculated that Insomniac it could be hidden behind the project.

This is certainly a possibility not to be discarded a priori. On the other hand, the studio has clearly shown Marvel to be adept at exploiting the material taken from the comics, with Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales; Which in turn open the way to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 e Marvel’s Wolverine.

That said, it is also true that Insomniac is already working on the two games mentioned above, not to mention that a new title from Ratchet & Clank may also be currently in development. In short, the software house seems to have their hands in too many projects at the moment and adding a fourth to the list seems unrealistic.