PlayStation 5 backward compatible to PlayStation 3?

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During the past few hours a rumor has emerged according to which PlayStation 5 could soon add backwards compatibility towards titles PlayStation 3, as some of these games have appeared on the PS5 store. Apparently though, it could have been a simple bug. Let’s take a look at all the information we currently have.

PlayStation 5 backward compatible to PlayStation 3?

To deny this rumor was the youtuber Ryan Biniecki, who explained that it is extremely unlikely that the PlayStation 5 store has anticipated any backward compatibility towards video games PlayStation 3. Piuttsto, according to the content creator, would have been a display error, as had already happened in the past with some free titles whose price was still shown.

“Before this news spreads like a fire, I would like to point out a few things,” he writes Biniecki on Twitter “This visual bug has happened to me several times over the years, and it simply displays the price of games on PS Now for individual rental. Prince of Persia was also available on PS Now, so these are not new titles. “

So whether it is a simple rumor? Of course, it must be said that if this were the case, it is a visual bug that arrived with terrible timing, given all the buzz of rumors regarding the new PlayStation subscription service Xbox Game Pass style. We are obviously talking about the project with code name Spartacus, and the patent that refers to the backward compatibility of PS5.

The chances that PlayStation 5 will actually become compatible with PlayStation 3 games are therefore quite small, even in the face of the many remasters that have been made on these products. Hardly such a feature will ever see the light of day.

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