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PlayStation 5: here are the news coming with the beta update

The new beta update of PlayStation 5 arriving today promises to bring many improvements to the next-generation console from Sony. One of the functions that certainly makes the lucky owners of the new gaming platform the most gluttonous is certainly the possibility of connecting a External SSD, but the update also includes a fix for an annoying bug related to the DualSense controller. Let’s see all the news in detail.

PlayStation 5 and beta update: what changes?

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the functions that is finally introduced by this update is the possibility of connecting an external SSD to the console. To do this you will need to have an M.2 SSD, which is the fourth generation of PCIe and has speeds of 5,500MB or higher.. This is a necessary condition, as this disc has to keep up with the speed of the console.

Another very interesting function is that relating to supporto all’audio 3D for speakers built into televisions. This feature will be guaranteed by the DualSense controller, which will make an estimate of the acoustics of the room in which we find to calibrate the three-dimensional audio specifications.

Always staying on the subject of DualSense, an annoying bug will also be fixed, which made it impossible to update the controller if we decided not to do it when the console was turned on, until after 24 hours. Now there is a special function in the accessories settings menu, a very welcome element that corrects one of the major problems of the pad.

We also find several improvements to the user interface, which now allows you to shut down the Ps5 system faster, albeit Sony has decided not to make the shutdown menu accessible by pressing and holding the Home button. A choice that remains rather inexplicable.

Unfortunately Ps5 still remains a chimera for many passionate users, and given that stocks are still very limited it is likely that the situation is destined to remain so for several months. Finally, we remind you that the beta update will be distributed in United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

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