PlayStation 5: new version with 6 nm SoC that heats less

La PlayStation 5 inizia a supportare il 1440p thumbnail

The new hardware revision of the PlayStation 5 presents several technical innovations, while continuing to guarantee the same performance as the other versions. Sony has optimized even more the technical sector of the console that is now lighter (3.9 kilograms vs 4.5 kilograms) e more energy efficient thanks to the adoption of a new SoC.

The “new” PlayStation 5 has a SoC that consumes and heats less

The PlayStation 5 now integrates, in its latest hardware revision, a SoC made with TSMC’s 6 nm manufacturing process which replaces the 7 nm SoC, also made by TSMC. This is an updated version of Oberon, the chip made by AMD for Sony consoles. The new chip is called Oberon Plus.

The new SoC of the PlayStation 5 takes up 15% less space inside the console and also guarantees a improvement of production capacity (with the same amount of silicon it is now possible to make 20% more chips). The transition to the new production process guarantees lower energy consumption and operating temperatures.

The new hardware revision of the PS5 is coming to the market. Performance, net of temperatures, does not change compared to the models already on the market. The new production process could soon be adopted also by the Xbox Series X and S.