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PlayStation 5 on sale for Walmart + members

Good news for the American members of Walmart +: users can now purchase one PlayStation 5 – provided, of course, they have a subscription. Let’s find out the details together.

Walmart + members can purchase a PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 available MediaWorld

At the price of $ 98 per year O $ 12.95 per month, Walmart + benefits include early access to Black Friday deals, unlimited free delivery, plus prescription and fuel discounts. Recently, however, members can take advantage of another incredible promotion: can buy a PlayStation 5.

Best Buy is also taking order online for PlayStation 5. However access to the product is limited to those who have joined its new scheme membership Totaltech. Last week, Walmart made the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles available for purchase online in three different occasions, none of which were limited to members.

Customers Americans hoping to buy a PlayStation 5 console can also register their interest directly with Sony for the chance to do so. The company is in fact making available a limited number of PS5 consoles that customers can purchase directly from PlayStation during the upcoming holiday season.

Last month, Sony revealed the PS5 supply problems were standing affecting negatively sales of hardware. However the company does not give up and very much hopes to meet its annual goal console shipping 14.8 million units. At the moment, the chip shortage is making things difficult for electronics companies.

Nintendo also recently revealed that the production of Nintendo Switch it will decrease because of the chips. Sony and Microsoft, on the other hand, revealed that the shortage of the chips it could even last until 2023– This will cause a delay in the delivery of new consoles for users.

Update: The consoles on Walmart are currently sold out.

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