PlayStation 5 surpasses 50 million consoles sold

La PlayStation 5 ha superato i 50 milioni di console vendute thumbnail

Long gone are the dark times, and gamers will remember it well, when it was literally impossible to take home a PS5 console. Today, three years after the original launch, PlayStation 5 is easily available, as demonstrated by the data on consoles sold announced by Sony.

50 million PlayStation 5 consoles actually sold to customers

The company revealed that Sales of the PlayStation 5 have exceeded 50 million units since launch. Another important fact is that these are units actually sold to customers, and not consoles shipped to retailers or warehouses. This means they are there 50 million consoles in gamers’ homes.

The numbers updated in July 2023 spoke of 40 million PS5 consoles sold. A fact that is strengthened today, with another 10 million units sold between July and December. Numbers that confirm how demand has remained high even three years after launch.

It is good to remember, however, that many potential buyers were left empty-handed at the launch, when in the 2020 pandemic Sony had to face what was defined silicon crisis, a factor that limited the availability of the console on the market. A dynamic that also favored the birth of a real black market, with consoles arriving resold at prices much higher than the official ones. In the same period, you may remember, a courier in Japan thought it best to run away with a truck full of PS5s (only to be arrested while trying to resell them).

Fortunately, the situation has improved and now it is easier to buy the PS5 at its real price even online, on sites like Amazon. In short, this year putting a PlayStation 5 under the tree is not such a utopiawith the possibility of opting for the new one PS5 Slim.

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