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PlayStation Plus: controversy over a free game that blocks the upgrade

With the Playstation Plus of March, users got to redeem Ghost of Tsushima Legendsthe multiplayer expansion of the famous Sony exclusive, doing so seems to have triggered a bizarre bug that immediately caused a great controversy: after redeeming the expansion, users no longer seem to be able to upgrade to Ghost of Tshushima Director’s Cut.

PlayStation Plus: the game that sparked the controversy

Problems with the free version of Ghost of Tsushima Legends they started right away, as initially the PlayStation Store he considered it a simple demo, even if in that case Sony immediately calmed the waters by talking about a simple visual bug. However, blocking the upgrade is a much more serious problem, since it precludes users from one of the selling points of the Director’s Cut.

The problem, according to GamePro, would be related to the way in which the PlayStation Store considers Legends, that is, as already included in the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima, which is therefore considered as already in the possession of the player when he downloads the free content of the month. The only way to fix the problem for the moment seems to be to report the bug to Sony.

After reaching customer service, it will be necessary to ask them to have refunded the purchase of Ghost of Tsushima Legends, so as to be able to have unlocked the Director’s Cut upgrade on the Store again. Not the best solution, however, as it prevents some users from taking advantage of part of this month’s Plus offer and has not failed to generate controversy.

Users are in fact accusing Sony of lack of professionalism, although it is likely that the company is already working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and that it will be settled within the next few hours.

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