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PlayStation Plus: May games revealed via a leak

PlayStation Plus: leak reveals May's free games thumbnail

playstation plus games of november 2021

Sony has yet to confirm which games will be available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in May, but for next month the offer could appeal to several people according to a leak, given that a much loved franchise could be present in the selection made by the Japanese giant. . Let’s find out what Sony might have in store for us.

PlayStation Plus: May games according to a leak

To unveil the May lineup in advance this time it was Dealabs, who now boasts a long list of leaks corrected behind him. According to the insider, this time Sony will publish the following games for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers:

  • FIFA 22 for PS5 and PS4
  • Curse of the Dead Gods for PS4
  • Tribes of Midgard for PS5 and PS4

To stand out in this selection is obviously FIFA 22, a title that will delight all fans of football and the Electronic Arts franchise, who will be able to access the latest chapter of this sports video game for free. But what are the other two games that should be included in the May Plus package?

Tribes of Midgard is an isometric cooperative game, which as the name suggests sees the creation of a tribe together with other players at the center of its gameplay, all while immersed in the fascinating Norse mythology. The game features a mix of survival, rogulike and action elements.

As for Curse of the Dead God, here we are faced with a done and finished roguelike, which is based on the gradual exploration of a dark and cursed temple in which a single misstep equals total defeat. In short, a classic of the genre. We remind you that these are just rumors, and for a definitive confirmation we will have to wait for an official release from Sony.

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