PlayStation Plus costerà di più: nuovo aumento dei prezzi da settembre thumbnail

PlayStation Plus will cost more: new price increase from September

PlayStation Plus will cost more: new price increase from September thumbnail

It’s going to be a not particularly pleasant September for PlayStation gamers. Indeed Sony has announced a new price increase for PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

The price increases will affect all three levels of the service and will start from 6 September 2023.

PlayStation Plus subscription price increase: how much will it cost?

Let’s see specifically how the PlayStation Plus tariff will change

  • PlayStation Plus Essential will go from the current €59.99 per year to 71,99€. The plan represents the entry level of the service and guarantees access to online multiplayer and a selected series of free games every month.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra will go from the current €99.99 per year to 125,99€. The Extra plan, in addition to the benefits of Essential, provides access to a catalog of hundreds of games, including in cloud gaming.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium will go from the current €119.99 per year to 151,99€. The most expensive of the PS Plus plans includes all the benefits of Extras + an even bigger game library, with classic titles originally released for PS1, PS2 and PS3 consoles.

More generally, the price increase is €12 per year for the Essential plan; €26 for the Extra plan and €36 for the Premium plan. Sony said the price increases “will allow us to continue to offer high-quality games, benefits and added value to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.”

Obviously those who already have an active plan will have to face the price increase when the subscription expires. The advice is therefore to subscribe to one of the current plans by 6 Septemberso as to face this skyrocketing price increase next year.

Meanwhile, Sony’s biggest competitor, Xbox, has also raised the prices of Game Pass. Microsoft has also eliminated, at least temporarily, the promotion that guarantees 14 days of Game Pass for €1. The reason? The upcoming release of Starfield, from day-one on Game Pass.

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