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PlayStation stops customer support on Twitter

PlayStation interrupts thecustomer support on Twitter. In fact, starting from August, the Twitter accounts of @AskPlayStation for the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand they will no longer offer assistance to individual customers.

PlayStation: No more Twitter customer support

Accounts currently offer individual assistance to players seven days a week. The American version, which counts further 1.7 million followershas been active since May 2010. “Starting August 1, PlayStation 1-to-1 support via Twitter will no longer be available,” the account tweeted this week.

Starting next month, players are advised to seek assistance via the website of PlayStation and one of his own YouTube channels. While some users responded to the ad saying that they will not miss the serviceothers expressed disappointment e worry for Sony’s decision.

“It’s a terrible solution,” he wrote @ncbjd. “Creating barriers between you and your customers is never the way to go”.

“This is sad,” he commented instead @Shadowakito. “I’ve always found Ask PlayStation’s support to be really useful the few times I’ve had to contact them. I believe we are entering an era where customer service is no longer important to large companies ”.

Other commentators have been less bothered by the news.

“Your support is terrible,” he said @stevensstash. “I am writing to you and you tell me to call. I call and you tell me to write. I tweet you and you tell me to call. I had to go through this 2 hour circus to replace my controller ”.

“This doesn’t change anything,” he declared instead @Guyatthestore. “Support tickets will continue to be scoffed at, only others on Twitter won’t be able to comment on them anymore.”

And you, what do you think of this decision? Have you ever used the PlayStation service on Twitter?



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