PlayStation VR2: ecco il design del nuovo visore per PlayStation 5 thumbnail

PlayStation VR2: here is the design of the new viewer for PlayStation 5

Sony has just unveiled the new VR headset design next generation, PlayStation VR2. Here are some pictures and further details.

The official PlayStation VR2 design

You will notice from the images that thePS VR2 headset has a similar design to that of the controller PS VR2 Sense, with a more “sphere” aspect. The spherical shape is inspired by the view a 360 degrees offer to gamers when they enter the world of virtual reality, as well as from look of the PS5 product line.

When the design team started designing the PS5 console, it had the VR headset is already in mind next generation. You will then notice some very similar elements and details. The PS5 console features flat edges which allow it to be placed on a flat surface.

For what concern PS VR2 headset designthe team placed more emphasis on his sphericity by virtue of the continuous contact of the device with the wearer, just like for i rounded edges of the DualSense controller and of Pulse 3D headphones with microphone.

Sony’s goal is to create a headset that doesn’t just become a part attractive design of your living room but also an object that will make you immerse yourself in the world of games. For this reason they have paid close attention toergonomics of the headphones and conducted thorough testing to ensure a comfortable feeling for all users.

The team has already received a lots of positive feedback on ergonomics of the first PS VR headset. Precisely for this reason they decided to keep the same concept for PS VR2 headset. Other functions, such as the adjustable visor that allows you to move the visor area closer or further away from the face and the positioning of the stereo headphone input, remain the same that players already know.

Comfort and slim design, for an incredible experience

For what concern comfort of the PS VR2 headsetthe team decided to refine it by adding new functions. Among them we find the wheel adjuster of the lenswhich gives users an extra option to adjust the distance of the lens between the eyes and optimize the view.

Also a slimmer design and they have slightly reduced weight. Creating a slimmer design with new extra features was a real challenge. However the team managed to make a amazing product to meet the needs of its users. But the surprises don’t end there. Just like with the design of the PS5 console and DualSense controller, the team has included gods tiny PlayStation symbols on the front bands e posteriori of the PS VR2 headset.

With the launch of PS VR2, virtual reality gaming is about to take a huge step forward. The PS VR2 system also offers a host of new and amazing features that you can check out on the official website. Among them we find 4K HDR e state-of-the-art graphic rendering, optimized detectionnew features of PlayStation VR2 Sense technology and much more.

Over the next few weeks, Sony will offer more information regarding the PlayStation VR2 Sense then stay tuned not to miss the latest updates.

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