PlayStation VR2: Released in 2023? Yes, according to a rumor

PlayStation VR2 arriva nel 2023? Spunta un nuovo rumor thumbnail

One analyst suggested that PlayStation VR2 will be launched in 2023 due to a delay in production. According to what is shared by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the new headset will be launched next year and will use AMOLED screens. In a report on the Display Supply Chain website, he states that: “AMOLED will be back, thanks to the launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR2”.

PlayStation VR2 arriving in 2023?

The insider then continued his speech praising the quality of the display that the new PlayStation device will mount, and that it will probably be very popular with gamers because of its excellent graphics. According to Yung, the device should have been ready for launch by the end of this year, but several factors would have led Sony to revise his plans.

Earlier this year, Young tweeted that: “Sony PSVR2 will have a resolution of over 800 PPI per eye with two 2000 x 2040 panels, compared to 5.7 ″ 1920 x 1080 with 386 PPI in PSVR for both eyes. . A big improvement and there will be next generation OLED technology ”.

In January, Sony revealed the specifications of the PlayStation VR2 and the first hardware game, Horizon Call of the Mountain. The title was developed by Guerrilla in collaboration with the new PlayStation Firesprite studio and should be the launch title of the new headset.

A debut then with a level game that many are already looking forward to. All that remains is to wait for an official communication from Sony to find out the final release date.