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PlayStation VR2: we previewed it in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Al CES 2023 we could test in anteprima PlayStation VR2which will be released on February 22nd and that we really loved it. We were able to play unedited for about ten minutes Horizon Call of the Mountain, a game available at launch along with thirty other exclusive titles. We tell you how it went.

Once we put on the viewer and took the controllers in hand, the new Horizon Call of the Mountain transported us to a fantasy world. You can throw arrows and face breathtaking challenges in this virtual environment: there are tons of things to try.

We just had time to climb a mountain by attaching ourselves to lianas, moving your arms in time to climb as high as possible. The immersion is truly total, also thanks to much better graphic details than in the past. PlayStation VR2 amazed us. The resolution increases compared to the last generation: they are there due display OLED 4K HDR a 2000×2024and the refresh rate goes up to 120Hz.

Controllers have i adaptive trigger, like those of PS5, and behind the head is another small motor that vibrates for better feedback. And there’s eye tracking, which allows you to direct your gaze into the virtual world without having to turn your head.

After this preview in Las Vegas, we can’t wait to spend some more time in the virtual world of PlayStation VR2. Arrival is expected on February 22nd.

On social media, many have criticized this launch saying: “but why launch a new VR console if we are still struggling to find PS5?”. But at the conference, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan assured that PS5 will also be available to everyone in 2023having sold over 30 million copies.

So we look forward to February with trepidation: indeed, we will keep ourselves relaxed to climb the next virtual mountain faster. What do you think about it? Can’t wait to shoot arrows in VR too?

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