Plex now merges content from all popular streaming services

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Plexthe home media server, added some functionality in beta really interesting that avoid having to search Netflix, Disney + and other platforms to find something to watch. The novelty of Plex in fact aggregates and recommends content from real streaming services and create a universal watchlist: Here’s how it works.

Plex, the new feature helps navigate the content of streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video

Plex’s latest beta features solve a very annoying problem: having to search Netflix, Disney +, and three other services to find something to watch. The company announced a new “Discover” feature, which aggregates and recommends content from various streaming services. It also creates a universal watchlist that gathers everything you want to watch in one place.

The “Discover” screen works like most of the main streaming service pages. In fact, it provides advice on what to watch in the future, with the ability to see a lot of content from different catalogs. This does not mean, however, that you will be overwhelmed by the contents present even in platforms that you do not have a subscription to: there is a setting that allows you to choose only the affected services.

Plex news: you can find out where to watch your favorite content

There is also a new feature that it helps in case you know what to look at but not where to find it. It adds a section to the information page for the movies and TV shows it shows which streaming services offer that content. In some versions of the app, Plex can even link directly to the streaming service.

The list of streaming services supported by Plex with these features is practically endless. It includes all the big names, such as Hulu, Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV +, HBO Max along with nearly 150 other services.

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Plex’s support page states that “not all platforms allow you to send the user to the corresponding streaming app.” On Reddit, for example, some users complain that they can’t connect from Plex to Yearwhile those with Netflix, AppleTV + and the other popular services seem to work.

These new features could push more and more users to use Plex. The difficulty in finding something to look at that reflects your tastes is a daily problem that we all face, and Plex may have found the solution. Not only is it able to tell us where to find content, but it is able to make us discover new interesting movies and TV series on a single page. This all adds up to Plex’s already known features, which are incredibly useful.

Plex is indeed a media serverwhich stores and organizes films, TV series, photos and music from its local library, allowing them to be accessed in streaming – from its own server – everywhere, via remote connection. In fact, Plex is compatible with all operating systems, in addition to smart TVs, chromecast, Fire TV stick, Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox. In addition to this, when it archives the contents it also downloads the metadata, making available the cover image, the plot, the cast, downloads any subtitles in the preferred language and divides the TV series into seasons. In short, a full-fledged home streaming platform.

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