Pioneer ci presenta PLX-CRSS12, un giradischi ibrido tra l’analogico e il digitale thumbnail

PLX-CRSS12 is a hybrid turntable between analogue and digital

Alpha Theta Corporationthe leading audio company operating under the brand Pioneer DJlaunched the PLX-CRSS12, a professional direct drive turntable with DVS (Digital Vinyl System) control. It is an innovative product, which allows you to reproduce vinyl records in analog or digital mode, depending on the user’s preferences.

PLX-CRSS12: the style of analog, the modernity of digital

The digital mode allows you to control music files using DJ software, such as Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox, using a special analog disc that sends the signal to your computer. This way, you can have the same feel as a traditional vinyl, but with the precision and stability of a digital reproduction. Also, there is no need to use the tone arm, which can jump during scratch operations.

The analog modeinstead, it works like a normal turntable, with the arm reading the grooves of vinyl records. The PLX-CRSS12 turntable thus offers the possibility of choosing between two different modes, based on the type of music and performance you want to create.

Features for DJs

However, there are other interesting features, which make this turntable suitable for different DJing styles. For example, you can adjust the sensation of disc rotation by increasing or decreasing the resistance using a knob. You can also change the motor torque level and platter stop speed (with three options available).

The design of the deck is designed to facilitate scratch operations and MIDI functions. The “battle-style” layout leaves plenty of room to move the disk, while the four Performance Pads allow you to assign MIDI commands at will. The integrated OLED display shows essential information, such as the selected mode, platter speed and track tempo.

The PLX-CRSS12 is also the Pioneer DJ turntable with the best analogue sound quality ever. Many components have been improved compared to the previous PLX-1000 model, to ensure greater fidelity and less distortion of the sound.

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The price of the PLX-CRSS12 turntable

The PLX-CRSS12 turntable is already available in stores and on the official website of Pioneer priced at €1,399, VAT included.

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