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Poco X5 5G review: Is it for everyone?

Poco X5 5G came on the market a 299 € in the 6/128GB ea version 349 € in the 8/256 GB variant. The prices speak for themselves: we are facing the new generation of Poco smartphones in the medium-low range.
Is it worth it? Obviously.
Is it for everyone? Well, not really. So let’s try to understand who this Poco X5 5G is dedicated to.

The Poco X5 5G review

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No frills.
After all, it is a bit of the philosophy that we find in all Poco products.
The box includes a USB-C cable for recharging, the 33W power adapter, a transparent cover and the smartphone.
Thin (only 7.98 mm), light (189 grams) and very comfortable: are the first impressions as soon as taken out of the package.
The body is made of plastic but you will never have the feeling of having a “cheap” smartphone in your hands. The back cover is solid and the island that contains the camera module gives it a distinctive touch, capable of making the Poco unique and easily distinguishable from the competition.
Three colors are available and, alas, we had the most classic one in our hands. Our Poco X5 5G is nero but you can also find it in variants Blue e Green.
However, know that our variant comes with an opaque cover that does not retain fingerprints, an element that we particularly appreciated during our test.

We also report the presence of fingerprint reader, integrated in the power button and located to the right, below the volume rocker. In our opinion, the position is perfect: comfortable even with small hands and designed to ensure quick release without having to touch the display.

However, we do not want to focus on the appearance of the Poco X5 5G. After all, it is not aesthetics – at least not alone – that defines the target of this product.

What does it offer in daily life?

The performance

Poco X5 5G battery review

Little has entrusted the performance of this device to the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 with Adreno 619 GPU. To accompany it 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD.
The result is good: we handled email, social, calls, streaming and gaming without any problems. However, there was some sporadic slowdown, a clear sign that we are dealing with a product that is certainly not designed for the most demanding users. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do everything. An example? You can play without problems but you will have to consider slightly above average loading times.

You can also count on excellent connectivity with 5G, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, infrared and even the 3.5mm jack still surviving in this range.

We were a little less enthusiastic about the software. Or rather, the fact that it came on the market with Android 12 instead of Android 13. However, we cannot complain about the fluidity and responsiveness of the system, with MIUI 13 enriching and enhancing the experience.

Autonomy, on the other hand, has been promoted with full marks: the 5,000 mAh battery and Poco’s optimization work guarantee two days with average use, so you don’t have to live in anxiety about running out of energy.


Poco X5 5G review display

The screen is one of the most interesting elements of Poco X5 5G: AMOLED, 6.67 inches, FullHD+ resolution and refresh rate which can be set to 60 o 120 Hz.
The result is a smooth display with good color rendering, adaptable thanks to the possibility of choosing one of the 3 available modes: Vivid, Intense and Standard.

Settings also let you set dark mode, activate reading mode, change font and text size, and manage brightness. The latter can of course be adjusted automatically, moreover with excellent results, both indoors and in the sunlight.


Poco X5 5G camera review

Poco X5 5G comes with 3 rear sensors:

  • the main one from 48 MP with f/1.8 aperture;
  • the 8 MP ultra-wide angle with a viewing angle of 118 degrees;
  • A goal 2 megapixel macro.

We are therefore not faced with a particularly advanced photographic sector but on the other hand we did not expect anything different. However, this does not mean that you cannot get some satisfaction from the photos taken during the day enough for social use and to preserve your most precious memories. In the dark, however, the smartphone struggles a lot as well as limps when we abandon the main sensor in favor of ultra-wide-angle macro.

Main sensor

Main sensor

The Poco X5 5G review: conclusions

Poco X5 5G Edge Review

Let’s go back to the initial question: is Poco X5 5G a smartphone for everyone? Not really, we had already anticipated it. This answer, however, applies to a host of other products. After all, the market is full of different devices, with different characteristics, which can adapt to the needs of specific targets.
Poco X5 5G, in our opinion, is perfect for those looking for a phone with excellent battery life, a nice display and even the expensive 3.5 mm jackso you are free to use your beloved wired headphones.
It’s not a cameraphone – for that you’ll have to turn to the higher end of the market – nor a terminal that focuses on performance. For the latter there is the older brother: Poco X5 Pro.


  • Excellent autonomy
  • Full connectivity
  • There’s Jack!
  • Bel display


  • No Android 13 at launch
  • Subdued camera
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