Podcasts come to LinkedIn

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LinkedIn also gives in to the charm of podcast. As announced by the platform, the LinkedIn Podcast Network will release a ton of work-themed shows. Some will cover topics like stress management and mental health, as well as job interviews, so podcasts will provide helpful tips and tricks. As for planning, many of the shows will be conducted directly by the internal editorial staff, but some professionals will intervene to investigate specific issues. In short, podcasts will support users not only in accessing the world of work, but will also help them survive life in the company.

LinkedIn: Podcasts arrive on the platform

LinkedIn has decided to launch into the world of podcasts with a series of shows dedicated to the world of work. Among these there will also be a program curated by Reid Hoffman, Executive President of the social network, who will deal with issues related to personal entrepreneurship in the show “The Start-Up of You”. This show will be integrated with a series of other interesting proposals, arriving on the platform after the success of Hello Monday, released by LinkedIn some time ago. This time, however, podcasts will be free and supported by some advertising partners. And not only.

The proposals of the LinkedIn Podcast Network they will be complemented by a series of other options on the platform – such as newsletters, videos and articles -, thus allowing users to interact even outside the audio content. At the moment, they are 12 podcasts available on LinkedIn: 4 edited by the editorial staff and 8 created in collaboration with industry professionals. In any case, the podcasts will also be distributed on other platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcast. By doing so, the contents will have greater visibility, and will meet the needs of users. On the other hand, to date the podcast is one of the most appreciated content by users. And the platform knows this well.