Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

Here is our guide on how to catch Rotom in the Diamond and Pearl remakes, just released for the Nintendo Switch

After the release of the Diamond and Pearl remakes on Nintendo Switch, many are doing their utmost to complete the Pokédex: here is our guide on how to catch the mysterious Pokemon Rotom and also get all its different form. We have already written other guides on how to get other legendary and mysterious Pokémon, such as Manaphy, or Cresselia. Let’s specify, Rotom is obtainable in both versions of the game!

Step 1, complete the Pokédex

So to capture the Pokémon Plasma, you will first need to complete the Pokédex by Sinnoh. Indeed, Rotom will be available after seen at least once all Pokémon of Generation IV. Warning: you don’t have to catch all the Pokémon, you just need to have seen them, even just during the Hearthome City competitions or the fights with trainers and Gym Leaders. Only in this way will it be possible to unlock Rotom (and other legendary and mysterious Pokémon that we will talk about in other guides always related to the remakes of Diamente and Perla).

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

Phase 2, the spooky Ancient Chateu – Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

Once the Sinnoh Pokédex is completed, therefore, the second step to take to catch Rotom in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes is to head to theAntico Chateu. This eerie building is at the end of the Bosco Evopoli, just north of the exit from the woods. If you remember, before exiting the Bosco Evopoli there is a couple of saplings that could have been cut down by MN Cut (which can only be used after obtaining the Woods Medal from the Evopolis Gym Leader Gardenia): once cut, always go north until you find the Ancient Chateu.

Enter, go up the stairs and cross the threshold of the room on the upper floor, finding yourself in front of a long corridor: here you will have to go to the left and find the room with a TV on (different from the TVs that are seen scattered throughout the game). He will then engage in a fight with a Rotom al level 15. Listen to me, save your progress before the fight!

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

Step 3, get all forms of Rotom – Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

As is well known, Rotom has the ability to transform itself into five shapes different: let’s see how to get all five. The procedure is quite simple, but even here it will be necessary to go back to a place we already know: theTeam Galassia building of Evopoli. It should be noted that once Rotom is captured, one will be delivered to you Secret key (which will end up in your pocket Basic tools of our stock exchange). Once at the Team Galactic Building (with Rotom in team), you will have to go to a room on the left on the ground floor: there will be a series of home appliances you can interact with.

Depending on which appliance you choose, the Pokémon Plasma will take on a different shape. The possible choices are Rotom Calore (the oven, of the Electro-Fire type), Rotom ice (the refrigerator, Electro-Ice), Rotom Cutting (the lawnmower, Electro-Grass), Rotom Washing (the washing machine, Electro-Water) e Rotom Vortice (the fan, Electro-Flying): The Pokémon, in its basic form, is of the Electro-Ghost type.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how to catch Rotom

A Pokémon… electrifying!

So here we are at the end of our guide to catch Rotom in the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. Have you already caught him? What do you think of these remakes? Remember, for this and other tips follow TechGameWorld.com (also for the latest news in the sector), and for unmissable offers on video games and the like, visit Instant Gaming! Hello and see you soon!