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Pokèmon Go but in a Catholic version – Follow JC Go!’s Review!

The path that leads to faith is long and tortuous, just like the bumpy provincial road on which we met one of the many saints scattered throughout Follow JC Go. And if you’re wondering what JC stands for, then you’re in the wrong place. It means you have to look for it again. Him. The only one. The supreme. Jesus Christ. If you are looking for one instead Follow JC Go’s reviewthis bizarre imitation of Pokémon Go in a Catholic key, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start from an important premise: without activated geolocation your journey of faith will not begin. It is not written in the Gospels, but in the game settings. Having said that, let’s go in search of our collectible saints through the infinite streets of the lord (and Pompeii, since we tried it there).

Follow JC’s review Go!

As anticipated, the game is not at all dissimilar from the much more popular one Pokémon Go! by Niantic. To be precise it is identical, to the point that the seventh commandment comes to mind, the one that reads: “Thou shalt not steal”. But only because at the time of Moses there was still no “not coveting the intellectual property of others”.

Unlike the Niantic title however, instead of Pokémon to capture, Follow JC Go presents us with icons of saints and madonnas, which our character will have to collect in the real world. As? No, no Poké Balls. To “catch” the blessed one in our vicinity will have to answer a quiz about his historical figure (or religious). Not versed in religion? You can ask for help. Yes, because Follow JC Go is also a team game, which allows players to take part in eTeam: evangelism team. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Once you complete the quiz, if the answers will be all correct, the trading card of the saint/blessed will be yours. We could say that the game will test your faith, but it would be more correct to say that it will test your patience.

Multiply the loaves and…the languages ​​of the game

Developed by the Spanish studio Ramón Pané Foundation, Inc., the game would have definitely benefited from the biblical Tower of Babel, which according to Genesis collects all the languages ​​of the world. In fact, the gameplay mixes Italian and Spanish in an absolutely confused way, making some sentences (and quiz questions) practically incomprehensible. Moreover, the study was keen to let us know that Pope Bergoglio himself would play Follow JC Go. We don’t believe it too much, but at least this would justify the linguistic melting pot. We don’t know his nick, but we suppose that having him in your Evangelism Team could be a considerable advantage.

Follow JC Go allows us to collect other items as well, such as coins (called Denarios, expendable in game), bread, water e red crosses (representing spirituality points). From this point of view, the game requires our avatar to stay hydrated (water), with a full stomach (bread) and always on the right path (spirituality points).

Follow JC Go recensione

No, it will not be possible to multiply the loaves or turn water into wine to make a brief detour from the right path (come on, it’s Friday, only today!), however it will be possible to spend the coins to get some bonuses (such as backup questions in the quizzes). Heaven cannot be bought, but the cards of the saints can.

Don’t call it pay-to-win, call it indulgence.


  • Free-to-play per iOS e Android


  • A very bad clone of Pokémon Go!
  • Spanish-Italian language
  • Very limited character customization
  • Graphics lacking in every respect
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