Pokémon GO celebrates its sixth anniversary

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Today Nianticthe Californian software-house and leader in the development of AR technologies, celebrates with its users the sixth anniversary from Pokémon GO. An incredible journey which, however, has many new features in store for its players.

Happy 6th anniversary, Pokémon GO!

For the past six years, Pokémon GO continues to encourage its Trainers hiking in the mountains, discovering new landmarks in your garden or capturing, trading and challenging Pokémon with friends, bringing them together in new ways e unexpected and seeking to create or strengthen bonds of friendship.

Do not worry because this will continue in the future as well. To start the celebrations of the title’s sixth anniversary in the best possible way, Niantic is organizing a sensational celebration with six themes, including a special emphasis on Charizardwhich it is the number 6 of the Pokedéx. So get ready for lots of amazing news.

Among them we find Party Hat Charmeleon, Party Hat Charizard e Cake Costume Pikachu that will make their incredible debut in Pokémon GO. For the first time, Trainers will also be able to evolve their Charmanders with party hat. If you are lucky, you may even meet others pokemon special For more information on the news coming in these days, you can consult the official site.

Moreover, for those wishing to continue the celebrations even live, Niantic has two other exclusive events in store: the Pokémon GO Fest in Seattle and the Pokémon GO Fest in Sapporo. Tickets for both events are still available.

To conclude, over the next few weeks, Niantic will reveal more information on theglobal final event to be held on August 27.

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