Pokémon GO: Challenge the new bosses in Shadow Raids

Su Pokémon GO arrivano gli Shadow Raid  thumbnail

Il Team GO Rocket returns to Pokémon GO ready to cause trouble with the new Shadow Raids. The announcement comes from Niantic, which invites Trainers to face the new challenges against hordes of Pokémon Shadow.

Starting May 22, 2023, Trainers will be able to battle powerful Bosses participating in the new Shadow Raids. The new Pokémon GO feature comes with Niantic’s announcement during the Rising Shadows event, inviting players to step up against the mysterious Shadow Pokémon hidden in Gyms.

What are Shadow Raids

Shadow Raids are a new level of Raid Battle that allows players to collect new Shadow Pokémon. By participating in Shadow Raid, Trainers will have the opportunity to capture new Pokémon in case of victory. To achieve the goals and have more chances to win matches, users will be able to form a team against Team GO Rocket by inviting your friends. In the gyms that will host the new Shadow Raids, the Team will place particularly powerful Shadow Pokémon as Raid Bosses.

Who are the Shadow Pokémon and how to defeat them

Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon corrupted by Team GO Rocket and do higher damage in battle. Once captured, they can be Purified.

As they are challenged, the three and five star Bosses will increase their degree of fury, attack strength and defense. To defeat them, Trainers will have to stand their ground and work hard to weaken them. As a tool for subduing Shadow Raid Bosses, they will have the Purified Gemsa new item invented by Professor Willow.

Gems can be assembled by collecting i Shadow Fragments, a formula that will be useful to temporarily weaken the attack and defense of the Bosses. Teams of Trainers will be able to gain more strength against the toughest Pokémon to beat by using multiple Purified Gems at the same time.

How to participate in Shadow Raids

Shadow Pokémon will be placed in the Gyms occupied by Team GO Rocket, while the others will continue to host the classic raids. To participate in the Shadow Raid it will not be possible to use the Raid Tickets remotely and this type of clashes will not reward with a team bonus for the Premier Balls.

The new gameplay feature adds to the basic mechanism of Raid Battles, but could prove to be particularly exciting for those who like to face tougher challenges. With the addition of a new way to catch Shadow Pokémon, Shadow Raids are an engaging new opportunity for players looking to expand their collection of special Pokémon.

Shadow Raids are open to any player who has achieved a level 5 requirement to access Gyms and Raid Battles. Access is only possible in person and requires the Pass Raid or Pass Battle Premium.