Bing Chat is about to increase the maximum message limit to 4 thousand characters •

Bing Chat is about to increase the maximum message limit to 4,000 thumbnail characters

How many of you are using Bing Chatthe AI ​​chatbot from Microsoft, they know that the character limit for a single message is set at 2000. However, the service has accustomed us to continuous updates, such as when last month it introduced the expansion of up to 20 replies in the same conversation (previously the maximum was 10).

The character limit for Bing Chat goes from 2000 to 4000

Today, with a Tweet di Mikhail Parakhinhead of advertising and Web services at Microsoft, the company announced that soon it will be possible to send single messages up to 4000 characters long. Exactly double the current limit.

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“It’s one small step for Bing Chat,” wrote Parakhin, quoting Neil Armstrong’s famous quote when he set foot on lunar soil.

As we said, Microsoft has made great strides in adding features to Bing Chat. Just last week it confirmed that the long-awaited chat history feature is now available to all users. The service has also added some new export options for people to save chats in Word, text or PDF files.

It is currently unclear when the new character limit will become public for all users. In fact, it is currently only possible to send messages for a maximum of 2000 characters and 20 replies for a single chat.

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