Pokémon GO: crea nuovi percorsi con la funzione Routes thumbnail

Pokémon GO: Create new routes with the Routes feature

Pokémon GO: Create new routes with the Routes thumbnail feature

Niantic has announced an exciting new feature for Pokémon GO: Routes It’s the first large-scale User Generated Content feature for the app. Here’s how it works.

Earn rewards in Pokémon GO by creating new routes with Routes

Players can now create real paths and share them with other users thanks to the new feature. Routes is the first large-scale User Generated Content feature for Pokémon GO, launched on July 20 by Niantic.

The new feature is available for i players of all skill levels, with the ability to start and end courses in a single PokéStop. Routes is in fact open to all Coaches, who will be able to use the feature from all areas.

The creation possibilities for players are endless: you can choose to create the best path to reach the gyms of an area, a scenic route along the river, to explore in any way. In addition, Trainers can walk along the ed courses explore freely even without keeping the game open: Routes will be completed in background mode.

How to create routes with Routes

How to create routes with Routes

Creating routes is very easy: just start from a Pokéstop and start walking, sharing the journey with everyone. By following the path, Trainers can receive bonuses and rewardsee also have the option of find different Pokémon.

Here’s how it works, step by step:

  • Choose a PokéStop or Gym as your starting point.
  • Sign up to start drawing your route.
  • Fill out the route information, then submit it for verification.
  • Once it has been accepted, Trainers and Trainers will be able to follow your path.
  • By choosing other routes to follow from the Surroundings menu, you will be able to find prizes and rewards. All the details are on the official Pokémon GO page.

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