Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023, the experience in the rain

Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023, un weekend pieno di sorprese (anche sotto la pioggia) thumbnail

A light rain wet the screen of our smartphone, but the Pokéballs still spun fast, capturing a large number and variety of Pokémon. Bad weather couldn’t stop us on the weekend Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023, especially because we wanted to complete the special missions of MegaDiancie e MegaRayquaza in time to tell you about them in this article.

Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023, our experience (in the rain)

Both yesterday and today (August 26 and 27), the world of Pokémon Go was particularly buzzing. As we have told you in detail in this article, i bonuses and activities to do this weekend for the Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023 were really many.

We know we weren’t the only ones trying to make the most of this weekend of play. THE global bonuses all unlocked very quicklya sign that many other trainers have finished their Pokéball supply just like us.

But one of the things that struck us was the relative “little effort” to devote to the day, to carry out the main activities. We have not been able to dedicate to catching Pokémon as much time as we would have liked, between work and social commitments. But we could finish the challenges (even the exclusive ones that can be unlocked with the Pokémon Go Fest ticket) relatively quickly, also dedicating some time to take away some whim and back challenges which we hadn’t finished yet.

A Pokémon every step

One of the things that impressed us positively was the high number of Pokémon found in our walks. Let’s talk about both the special Pokémon of the event, Snorlax with hat and Pikachu with jeweled crowns, which of the other little monsters that Niantic had ensured would appear more often. In order not to stop every step, especially in areas with many Pokéstops, we had to choose which species to catch and leave a lot of them around.

Although we have dealt with both Carbink That Snorlax even in raids, finding them in circulation was not difficult. And then we found different varieties that we had little candy of, like Heracross. Even if the best surprise was reserved for us by searching to find Dianciewhich also made us capture a Growlithe in Hisui, that we immediately evolved into an Arcanine that we can’t wait to test in the Battles.

Mega Evolutions during Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023

By the way, we pretty much devoured Diancie’s challenge, thanks to the number of Pokémon we found along our way. The activities were quite varied, but all feasible even alone without too much effort. And then the fact that you can unlock with the last ben level 9 Rare Candies and 300 Mega Energy to unlock MegaDianciewithout particularly difficult missions, certainly helped.

pokémon go fest 2023 mega evolutions min

The search for MegaRayquaza instead it required the participation of a large group of players, at least to win a Megaraid, a condition necessary both to unlock the megaenergy and to complete the special research. But after all, it is one of the best Pokémon ever seen in the game, so organizing a team to be able to unlock it seems to us a sensible request.

Despite the rain there wet the forehead and the smartphonewe had a lot of fun this weekend hunting for Pokémon, so much so that we wish we could have spent more time (for example, looking for some Shiny more, or even to catch some Unown with incense and ticket). Even for those like us, the most competitive part of Pokémon Go is of little interest, it represented an opportunity to get passionate about this game again, which we had downloaded for the first time now way back in 2016.

How did you experience this weekend of challenges? Got a Mega Rayquaza to brag about? Let us know in the comments.

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