Pokémon Go: here is the protagonist of the Community Day in March

Pokémon GO: rivelato il Pokémon del Community Day di Marzo thumbnail

March has now begun and the players of Pokemon GO they are finally getting the details they have been waiting for on the next few months. March 1st marks the start of a brand new season of play, which means new bonuses, spawns and field research – the full calendar of events for the first month of the Alola Season has now also been released, meaning that players can also take a look at the Pokémon of the next Community Day in GO.

Pokémon GO: here is the Pokémon of the Community Day of March

As promised in the recent update on the roadmap from developers, this month’s Community Day will make things a little more fun than usual. As Pokemon GO fans may have already predicted from this month’s season theme announcement, Community Day will be centered around the Alola region. In fact, there will be two different Pokemon in the spotlight during Community Day in March 2022: Sandshrew e Alola Sandshrew.

There have been Community Days that have seen multiple Pokemon spawn in the past, usually during the December holidays, but this looks a bit different than usual. The most experienced users also stated that this Community Day could have a strong impact on PvP thanks to some very powerful exclusive moves that will be available during the event.

This means that players will definitely want to take the time to catch as many creatures as possible on March 13th and collect enough candy to unlock the strong evolutions of the special move only obtainable in this time window. As an added bonus, the distance required to hatch Pokémon eggs will be reduced to a quarter for the duration of the event.

In short, it promises to be a full-blown Pokémon hunting day.