Pokémon Presents: February 2023 Announcement Recap

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Even the pocket monsters have something to talk about: we have collected all the announcements of the Pokémon Presents of February, the first of 2023

And with this they make three: after harvesting all ads of the latest Nintendo Direct and the recent State of Play, this one February 2023 he was crazy enough to even give us a Pokémon Presents. After all, the immediate future of the brand is a little uncertain: the end of the month coincides with a dutiful patch to the Paldea raids, but other than that, many have rumored the possibility of a DLC. Probably if you have already seen the 20 minutes of material you will already know the answer, but if you are not here for a quick summary and you don’t want spoilers you can review the entire event below. Psychedelic countdown excluded!

World Championships – Recap of all announcements from the February 2023 Pokémon Presents

Leading the way to the February 2023 Presents announcements is what may not have surprised everyone, namely the news on Pokémon World Championships 2023. The self-celebratory incipit of Ishihara (and his animatronic Pikachu) did not fail to mention the anniversary of the release of Red Version and Green Version in Japan, before passing the word to Chris Brown of the eSports division by The Pokemon Company. For what will ironically be the first Japanese edition of the championships, Brown has revealed (in addition to the predictable competitive focus on Scarlet and Violet, as well as the card game) the official illustration of Yokohama. The event will be held between 11 and 13 August.

Pokémon Presents: February 2023 Announcement Recap

Trading Card Game Classic – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

Speaking precisely of the collectible card game, the presentation did not fail to wink at longtime fans (and when has that never happened? Ed). With the circumspection of the live action trailer, we would have expected a reference to the reveal of Scarlatto and Violetto, but waiting for us we found a gaming station for card games. And what a post! What it aims at Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic is a reissue of the classic core set, with the addition of a dedicated game board (complete with plastic damage tokens) by nendo, Creatures and The Pokémon Company. We have no release dates.

Netflix Animated Series – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

Our colleagues in the TV Series section don’t want it, but this will be our last pitch invasion. In a time when Netflix it doesn’t seem to focus much on animation, the most unexpected (but very welcome) news arrives from the streaming service: the vice president of APAC Ex-India, Minyoung Kim, has unveiled an animated series dedicated to pocket monsters. It is, however, a project that involves the use of stop-motion, or rather the use of plastic and modeling clay to work on each single frame. We will live the (dis)adventures of the bellhops in a hotel all for creatures The Pokémon Conciergeon a date (yet) to be determined.

Unite – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

With Takato Utsonomiya we return (finally) to talk about video games, starting from the second anniversary of Pokémon Unite. For the occasion, by participating in the special event it will be possible to take the reins of the legendary symbol of the Sword, Zacian. The character, for whom a costume has already been made available, has ample coverage with his slashing and can charge his attacks to corroborate them further. Not only that, a Boss Rush mode is also on the way! The championship finals scheduled for March 18 and 19, will be broadcast on the Pokémon Asia ENG YouTube channel. Today, however, it will be possible to use the gift code POKEMONDAY to get Zacian’s Gold Reinforcement Medal.

Café Remix – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

A live action trailer puts us in front of the whimsical cuisine by an off-screen chef. The Wiglett-shaped ice cream, then, confirms that in Pokemon Cafe Remix we will see some of the Spanish cuisine of Paldea thanks to the arrival of three new chefs: Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. Participating in the event will allow us to keep one of the three in our staff while logging into the game before March 17th it will be possible to obtain Greninja as a special chef. It will also be possible, for all players who have completed order 9, to make deliveries for Victini, Mimikyu, Eevee and Celebi again (always within that date).

Pokémon Presents: February 2023 Announcement Recap

Masters EX – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

Even for those who play Pokémon Masters EX there is something to celebrate. The trailer puts us in front of the champions from previous generations, to which (available until April 3rd) now also those of Galar are queued. In fact, they come from Sword and Shield Hop con Zapdos in Galar (March 2-April 3), Beet con Articuno in Galar (March 4-April 9), Mary con Moltres in Galar (February 28-April 9) e Dandel with his trust Charizard (until March 18). The most interesting thing is that now, until March 18it’s possible research up to 100 units at no extra cost e receive 3000 gems as a gift by accessing the game before March 27th.

Pokémon Presents: February 2023 Announcement Recap

Sleep – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

The meme that the fandom has carved in marble is back. Sleep-Hyping Live-Action Trailer Confirms That, Yes, Pokémon Sleep it’s here to stay. The app will monitor our sleep, in order to “sleep like Champions” and get rewards when you wake up. On the island where the game is set, Professor Neroli carries out his studies on the sleep of Pokémon. Leaving the smartphone near the pillow, sleep will be analyzed and cataloged into three possible different categories (light, intermediate, deep), each of which brings with it different creatures. Estate 2023.

GO Plus+ (yes, seriously) – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents Announcements

We know it seems hard to say without a chuckle, but the name of the accessory glimpsed in the trailer is the Pokémon GO Plus + (or “+ Plus” in English, if that changes anything for you). The little device contains a Pikachu that will also put us to sleep with the speaker (again: yes, seriously). Of course it is compatible with Sleep, but GO players will also be happy. In fact, the accessory, in addition to facilitating the captures, will also take care of interacting automatically with all the Pokéstops that happen to us within range. Using the accessory with the two apps, from July 14th onwards it will be possible to obtain a special Snorlax with a sleeping cap.

Scarlet and Violet – Recap of all February 2023 Pokémon Presents announcements

Of course, the big news on the main series has been kept for last. “Shortly after the presentation” (read: shadow drop) it will be possible to participate in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to special raids against Paradox variants of two legendary creatures from the past. In Scarlet, we’ll deal with Acquecrespe, a bipedal Water/Dragon-type Suicune. In Violetto, on the other hand, we will be able to capture iron leaf, a Grass/Psychic-type metallic Virizion. Also, still today, the games will be compatible with Pokémon GO, with the possibility of obtaining the wandering Gimmighoul in the latter and of transferring the postcards of the Friendship Packs in the two games to obtain special Vivillons. The expected compatibility with Pokémon HOMEfinally, will arrive “a early 2023”. Yes, we know that in theory it should mean now.

Finale with a bang (without Self-Destruct?)

We know very well what news on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet everyone was expecting, though. The live-action trailer, although deliberately misleading in its retracing of the atmosphere of Legends, confirms that yes, the DLC is coming. The treasure of Area Zero it is the expansion pass divided, as happened in Galar, into two parts. In fall, The turquoise mask will take us on a school trip beyond the borders of Paldea to visit the Japanese-like Nordivia, while The indigo discexpected in winter, consists of a student exchange with the Mirtillo Institute. They have already been revealed some of the creatures that will return: Chingling, Milotic, Vikavolt, Yanma, Ninetales and Shiftry in the first part, and Zebstrika, Metagross, Alcremie, Dewgong, Espurr and Whimsicott in the second part. The unreleased legendaries are, respectively, Ogerpon and Terapagos. Finally, the DLCs offer new outfits, plus one Zoroark di Hisui with a purchase by October 31st.

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