Pokemon Team Championship: il torneo eSport che si ispira alla NBA thumbnail

Pokemon Team Championship: the eSports tournament inspired by the NBA

Pokemon Team Championship: One of the competitive tournaments of Pokémon more exciting and particular of the entire scene eSport is ready to return to the scene. A review that will start on September 21st and which will see the best 64 players from all over Italy compete for glory within a setting that winks at the most fascinating basketball league in the world, the NBA.

Pokemon Team Championship: the tournament and the “basketball structure”

When you think about the concept of passion associated with a brand, probably among the first names that can come to mind there are Pokémon and theNBA, two profoundly different realities fueled, however, by the same fire: the dedication and unconditional, almost irrational affection of their fans. It started from this concept Francesco Pardini, reference point of the Italian community and a great basketball fan, to create Pokémon Team Championship, one of the competitive tournaments of Pokémon more exciting and particular of the whole esports scene.

The structure of the event, in fact, borrows the concept of franchise, so dear to the NBA league, to bring it into a single competition. THE best 64 players nationwide they will in fact be divided into 8 franchises and will compete, starting from 21 September, in an iron Italian round. The best 4 teams will then move on to the single elimination semifinals, which will decide the finalists of the most exciting and particular tournament in the esports scene dedicated to pocket monsters. The Pokémon Team Championship, which reaches its second edition this year, is animated by the concept of franchise, each of which is the expression of a generation and a region of the stratified universe Pokémon, taking up the parochialism, the sense of belonging and the typical atmosphere of the circus NBA. The tournament will begin on September 21 and will last for 7 weeks of Regular Season, aimed at selecting the best 4 franchises of the competition, which will be played for the opportunity to access the highly anticipated final.

Where to follow the review?

The show that the event will offer will not be limited to the challenges on the field, which can be followed on the Twitch channel Francescopardinivgc, but will be amplified by interesting analyzes, insights and columns on the social channels of Francesco Pardini, dedicated not only to the most die-hard fans, but also to those who want to delve into the esports scene Pokémon, increasingly popular even by longtime players.

One of the main purposes of the event is to demonstrate how flourishing and mature the competitive landscape dedicated to pocket monsters is, often considered by most, wrongly, an environment frequented exclusively by children. Events like the Pokémon Team Championship they are precisely the symbol of a cohesive and adult community, able to establish itself internationally not only for its in-game skills, but also for the passion and creativity expressed in creating always fresh and fun competitions. The resourcefulness of the community is also highlighted by the ability to involve sponsors able to support and grow this type of events: in particular, the Pokémon Team Championship will be able to count on the support of companies of the caliber of NordVPN e Nowave as sponsor and Multiplayer.it, which will be Media Partner of the tournament.

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