Pokémon: The Red EP is available, including Vince Staples and Cyn

Pokémon: The Red EP è disponibile, presenti anche Vince Staples e Cyn thumbnail

Vince Staples, Before e ZHU are added to the artists who helped celebrate the Pokémon 25th anniversary which provides for the release of Pokémon: The Red EP and of The Blue EP. Both Staples and Cyn, in fact, contributed to The Red EP with some unreleased songs. ZHU, on the other hand, has made remixes of the songs featured in The Red EP and which will be included in Pokémon 25: The Blue EP to be released by the end of the current month.

Disponibile Pokémon: The Red EP

The celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon continue. Among the scheduled events is the release of The Red EP with several unreleased songs. The Red EP is available in streaming via all major platforms. Among the novelties, the participation of Vince Staples e Before who contributed to the project with unreleased songs. Note that The Red EP also includes Mabel’s song “Take It Home” unveiled last month.

The Blue EP also arrives

The release of Pokémon: The Blue EP. The project will include remixes of the songs featured on The Red EP made by ZHU. The artist was nominated for a GRAMMY and has recently released his latest album, DREAMLAND 2021. Note that The Blue EP may already be pre-saved.

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