Pokémon UNITE: we know Trevenant better

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In Pokémon UNITE comes Trevenant, a short-range defender with terrifying curses and ghostly shields. Let’s get to know him better!

Today we make friends with Trevenant, the new entry on Pokémon UNITE

Trevenant, available now, is ready to curse enemies in Pokémon UNITE. This is a short range Defender ready to fight their way to victory using ghostly shields and terrifying curses. Sara Phantump to join the fight first, for then evolve into Trevenant at L. 5.

Trevenant’s third basic attack becomes an empowered attack, which deals additional damage to opposing Pokémon hit and restores the Pokémon’s HP when it hits. Also, thanks to the Alternacura ability, when Trevenant is low on HP, he gradually recovers them for a while. The recovery of Health Points, at the same time, reduces the cooldown time of the moves. Some time must pass between one activation and the other of this ability, but this interval is reduced each time the Pokémon lands a move.

Trevenant’s moves

At L. 1 and L. 3, Phantump can learn Fuocofatuo e Ramostoccata. Using Netherfire, the Pokémon attacks in the indicated direction with ghostly flames that deal damage to hit opponents, burning them for a while. Thanks to Ramostoccata, on the other hand, the Pokémon attacks with a jab in the indicated direction, inflicting damage to the opponents hit and reducing their movement speed for a while.

When Phantump reaches L. 5 and evolves into Trevenant, it is possible to transform Fuocofatuo in one of the two moves described below:

  • Mallet: Trevenant raises his arms and attacks dealing damage to opponents in front of him, pulling them in front of him. If this move deals damage to at least one opponent, a second attack is unlocked for a while: using it, the Pokémon attacks in front of it with a huge wooden hammer, dealing damage to hit opponents and even making them unable to act for a while. ‘. However, it is recommended to use Woodpecker in moderation, as each use of this move consumes a certain amount of the Pokémon’s HP. When the Woodwind move is empowered, if the second attack hits, the damage dealt by hit opponents is reduced for a while.
  • Curse: Allows the Pokémon to sacrifice some of their HP to generate a cursed zone. This area deals continuous damage to opponents within its range, also reducing their movement speed. The fewer HP left in Trevenant, the greater the reduction in opponents’ movement. While this move is in use, whenever the Pokémon deals or takes damage, it stores cursed energy. By releasing it, it deals further damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect and, if the energy has been fully charged, resets the cooldown time of Trevenant’s other moves. When Curse is empowered, it increases the move’s area of ​​effect.

When it reaches L. 7, Ramostoccata can be transformed into two different moves:

  • Woodhorn: Trevenant charges in front of him, dealing damage to hit opponents and knocking them back as he advances, dealing further damage to them after throwing them into the air. If the charge is successful, the Pokémon regains HP inversely proportional to the HP remaining. After using this move, the Pokémon’s next three Basic Attacks deal additional damage and reduce the cooldown time of this move each time they hit.
  • Malcommon: Allows the Pokémon to point to an opponent and create a bond between the two of them, as a result of which part of the damage suffered is dealt to the opponent. The fewer HP left in Trevenant, the higher the percentage of damage dealt. Also, if the percentage of HP remaining is lower than that of the opponent, the Pokémon can deal continuous damage to it and regain HP. However, if you stray too far from the opponent, the bond breaks down. After using this move, the Pokémon’s movement speed increases for a while. Upgrading the move increases the time it takes before the bond automatically vanishes.

Trevenant’s UNITE move: Dark Specter Forest

Opponents will be struck by a curse from which they will not be able to free themselves thanks to the Unite move that Trevenant learns at L. 9: Dark Ghostforest. Thanks to this move, the Pokémon creates a cursed forest that deals damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect, throws them into the air and reduces their movement speed for a while. If the technique hits an opponent, all Pokémon on the allied team deal additional damage with their basic attacks for a while. If this Unite move hits a Pokémon on the opposing team, Trevenant is protected by a shield; the more opponents the move affects, the greater the protective effect. As long as the shield is active, the effects that restore the Pokémon’s HP are more effective.

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