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Polaroid Music: our test of the P3 model

Polaroid launched a new line a few days ago Music, dedicated to the seven notes. Four casse Bluetooth equipped with unique characteristics, both from the point of view of the features, and obviously of the design. In these days we have been able to test one of the flagship products of this line and we had fun putting it to the test. Let’s see how it went …

Polaroid Music strikes at first glance

The more obvious thing than right away impact on the user (and on the friends he invites home for a party or who reaches for a picnic on the beach) at the sight of Polaroid Music products is undoubtedly the design. We tested the P3 model for our test, which immediately recalls these decidedly 80s lines that cannot help but think of the iconic Boombox.

However the care in the design it’s not just aestheticswith many rounded edges and above all vivid colors (which are a bit of a Polaroid trademark) but also in the functionality. On our model, in fact, the distribution of the speakers that in a certain sense surround the product, is definitely useful for the use of the reader, allowing a better transmission of sound in the rooms. Perfect for a party.

Just as the choice of materials, to make it optimal for transport. The weight is very low, despite being a rather large model and is equipped with a solid handle to take it with you on an adventure around the world. While not designed for extreme situations, we are sure that the Polaroid Music P3 will be able to resist even at the wildest parties without fear of serious damage.

Another design choice that affects functionality is to insert some physical buttons, extraordinarily convenient for monitoring different aspects of the kick, including the likes of songs (which we will see later). Everything also happens thanks to display on the front which in its essentiality is usable without any obstacle. Then very appreciated gem is the presence of a sensore NFC that when we touch it with the phone it will directly open the Polaroid Music app on it.

Give up the honor / burden of choosing the pieces

polaroid music p3 test 01

The sound quality it is exactly in line with our expectations. There won’t be the quality of a hi-fi of course (but that’s not where we have to look for it) but it all feels very good and with good power levels. At maximum volumes the sound begins to drop clean, but here too everything is normal.

What makes the Polaroid Music line really interesting is the application, which we talked about above. Thanks to this, in fact, we will not only be able to keep every aspect of our case under control, including any firmware updatesbut above all to have access to the fundamental function of the radios.

These are basically five gigantic playlists, transmitted in a continuous stream via the web. Created by great artists from different fields and sectors, they collect a considerable variety of songs, which we can activate at any time. We therefore freely give up the commitment to select the playback queueto instantly find the best music for the situation in which we find ourselves.

The possibility of do everything directly from the checkout itself, as well as from the app. We can easily select the radio we prefer, based on the symbol that appears on the display and scroll through the different genres available. Above all then we will be able to put a heart to each song that has particularly convinced us, for then recover it at any time we want. A very convenient way to find lots of new music.

The Polaroid Music line is intriguing, although it can still improve

polaroid music p3 test 03

In short, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for your holidays or more simply for your home and the parties you will organize, the line Polaroid Music (and specifically the P3 model) is a good option. If from a hardware point of view it is quite in line with what you can find on the market, what it really is makes him make the leap in quality is the application and integration with it.

Here, it must be said, we can still take some steps forward. First of all, there are still gods minor translation problems (such as areas left in English or real venial errors), which do not bother but should be corrected.

The more interesting is the question of the Radio. At the moment the proposals are absolutely fascinating, but sought after and hardly attributable to specific moods. Within each there is a great musical variety, which offers many possibilities to explore and discover new songs, but which is not very functional in practice. It would be useful to combine these more “refined” options with clearer categories (the classics Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz…) to be on the safe side on less experimental occasions.

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