Pop-Man is the first Wallapop video game

Pop-Man è il primo videogioco di Wallapop thumbnail

wallapop – the leading platform in the buying and selling of second hand products, which promotes a responsible and sustainable consumption model – recently announced its first original video game: Pop-Man. Let’s find out all the details of the new unreleased video game together.

Pop-Man, the first Wallapop video game

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In honor of the Milan Games Weekto be held from 25 to 27 November 2022 in Milan, Wallapop launches Pop-Man. This is the first original video game signed by the platform and made in collaboration with Gamindoa company specializing in the construction of branded video games.

Wallapop was inspired by one of the most famous vintage video games everPac-Man, creating a fun, colorful and nostalgic experience. You can try the game from various platforms, including smartphone, PC e tablet.

The mechanics of the videogame virtually recreates an everyday situation lived by many of us: in every house they are hidden many vintage treasures. However, we often have to be careful, because mom and dad are always “lurking”, ready to clean up and throw everything away, preventing you from earning small (or large) extras.

Once you have chosen your own avatarall you have to do is move your character along the maze to collect and save various items. However, you must be careful and avoid your parents: do not let yourself be reached by mom or dad otherwise you will lose the lives at stake. To go faster e gain lost lives againyou will have to rush to get i popcorn di Wallapop, while to gain ground you can “freeze” the enemies by passing over the ice crystals. The more you go on, the more the difficulty will increase. Take heart and try to set a new record.

If you also want to test yourself with Pop-Man, you can do it through the official site. Will you be able to escape from the clutches of your parents?