Elon Musk thought of putting Twitter behind a paywall

Elon Musk thought of putting Twitter behind a paywall

Elon Musk would discuss the possibility of putting all Twitter behind a paywall, giving users the ability to tweet only for a fee. Instead he then decided to invest in the new Twitter Blue by subscription, which however some employees think may cost the company more than it will bring with subscriptions.

Elon Musk wanted to put Twitter behind a paywall

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter came as a shock, especially for those who work for the company. The layoff of half the workforce has had a huge impact on the platform, even for those who remain. The Verge even reports that managers have had to explain the work of the subordinates and why they were important to the company in just two lines. And then, after the weekend, it looks like the company asked some employees to go back to work for Twitter.

Those who remained are following totally different rhythms. Those who work to implement the new Twitter Blue, which allows for certifications for a monthly fee, work twenty hours a day. The moderation team on the other hand has discovered of the new policy to ban anyone impersonating another user from a Musk tweet, without internal communication.

But it seems that another, even more drastic possibility had circulated: a Twitter paid for everyone.


It appears that Musk is actively involved in launching the new Twitter Blue, which will cost more while offering some new perks. But at the moment they are just over 100 thousand active users on Twitter the paymentnot enough to change the business model as Musk would like.

For this it seems that the billionaire has discussed the possibility of putting all Twitter behind a paywall: whoever wants to tweet has to pay. One of the possibilities is that users can only browse the platform for a certain period of time, paying to continue (as happens in some freemium games for smartphones).

Howeverthe idea seems to be shelved at the moment, with the Twitter Blue team already working at breakneck speed to launch the new features by tomorrow 9 November. But given how the new Twitter’s decisions hinge on posts on Musk’s account, that could change soon. We will keep you informed.

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