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Google and Renault work on the “software-defined” vehicle

Google e Renault Group expand their partnership (which is now four years old) to include the concept of “software-defined” vehicle. It’s about elevating Android’s current car software platform by sending vehicle data to Google’s servers in real time.

Google and Renault focus on the “software-defined” vehicle

In 2018, Google has signed a partnership with the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, which together forming the largest automotive group in the world. The group’s cars have thus adopted the Google operating system for vehicles. Allowing users to use the Google Assistant, Maps and the Play Store for other applications.

This new agreement, on the other hand, concerns only Renault and the cars and services of the group: Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize. They choose Google as the “preferred cloud provider“. And above all that it will allow you to create a ‘digital twin’ of cars in the cloud. This will make it possible to “more easily integrate new services into the vehicle, creating on-demand applications on board (In-Car Services), but not only ”explain the two companies.

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In other words, the two companies will test artificial intelligence capabilities on a digital simulation of cars, allowing real-time diagnostics. For example, Google will be able to tell who drives Renault cars when the brakes need to be adjusted before the problem occurs on the physical vehicle.

In addition to maintenance, this software-defined vehicle will make it easier for car insurance to work by analyzing drivers’ driving and behavior. And maybe in the future bring news like the assisted driving, if not autonomous, to compete more directly with Tesla.

“The Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), equipped with a shared IT platform, continuous updates and rationalized access to car data, developed in partnership with Google, will transform our vehicles into more technological objects. This will increase the residual value and after-sales customer loyalty, two key factors of our financial performance, and will contribute to the development of a portfolio of new services “he explains. Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group.

A collaboration that could change the future of the car

Also Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, argues that this news could change the future of the automobile. “Our collaboration with the Renault Group has allowed us to develop comfort, safety and connectivity on the road. By acquiring our skills in the cloud, in Artificial Intelligence and on Android, Groupe Renault accelerates the digital transformation by offering a safe and highly personalized experience that corresponds to the evolution of consumer expectations. “

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Through machine learning and Google’s artificial intelligence, the group Renault aims to evolve its cars and its business. The service will not stop once the car is sold: with predictive maintenance, personalized experience and suitable insurance models, the car becomes more than just a means of transport.

Google has been trying for over a decade to enter the automotive market and in the last period these efforts are paying off. With agreements recently signed also with Ford, GM, Volvo, Honda and BMW. Ensuring that the Mountain View company has plenty of data to analyze your driving with precision unthinkable until recently.

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