Portal with RTX will be available from December 8th

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It will be launched on December 8th Portalthe video game of Valvecon graphics capabilities thanks to NVIDIA RTX.

Portal with RTX will exhibit outstanding performance

Portal is considered one of the best video games ever, with latest generation graphics features such as ray-tracingil DLSS 3 on NVIDIA and much more. Performance is in fact accelerated thanks to DLSS 3 and system latency is reduced thanks to the technology NVIDIA Reflex.

The release of the video game with RTX, therefore, is more than expected: made by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studiosthe game will be available as Official DLC (e downloadable for free for anyone who owns Portal) starting December 8.

What makes it special is the power of the new and very fast graphics cards GeForce RTX Serie 40 and the capacity of the modding platform NVIDIA RTX Remix.

Portal with RTX also uses a suite of technology-accelerated graphics techniques NVIDIA DLSS. DLSS 3 allows users who own a 40 Series GPU to get a performance increase of 2,8 voltemaking the game incredibly smooth and responsive!

“Updating beloved games requires a balance between applying cutting-edge new techniques and staying true to the original spirit of the game,” he commented. John Spitzer, Head of Lightspeed Studios at NVIDIA.

“NVIDIA’s Lightspeed Studios’ experience building RTX versions of popular games – such as Minecraft and Quake II – gave Valve the confidence to entrust us with the development of modern graphics techniques for its legendary game, and NVIDIA RTX Remix it was the perfect tool to accomplish the mission.”

December 8 is approaching

For owners of Portal on Steam, the version with RTX will be released as an official and free DLC with RTX graphics. The choice of a date like December 8 is not accidental, as it is placed close to the 15th anniversary of Portal and just before the Christmas holidays.

Players will also be able to verify if their system is ready for Portal with RTX by reviewing the system specifications at the following link.

Finally, an update will arrive in the coming weeks on the occasion of GFN Thursdayconfirming NVIDIA’s commitment to continue working to support Portal DLC with RTX on GeForce NOW.

Portal Launch Party with RTX: Win GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs

To celebrate the launch of Portal with RTX on December 8, the entire gaming community is invited to launch party.

Gamers can join NVIDIA live at Twitch, YouTube e Steam il December 6th at 7pm CETfor a behind-the-scenes look at the RTX version of the game.

In particular, they will be able to see the new gameplay, special surprises, free Portal game codes and the chance to win GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards.

For more information on the Portal with RTX Launch Party powerful see the following link.

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